Just like in a romantic relationship, in a business relationship, work, etc., passion matters. Passion is a mix of emotions, impulses, desires, dreams, risks and crazy energy. It’s illogical, altruistic, dull, and easy to harm and destroy completely by ignorance and misunderstanding. It’s something that breeds love towards a company or a product a person is working on.

When your company does not attract passionate people, that means you are doing something wrong. When you used to attract passionate people, but all of a sudden they start leaving, you are also doing something wrong.

How do you know what a passionate person is like? How do you know if you are a passionate person?

Well, did you ever deprive yourself of sleep because there was something you wanted to do badly, and probably you knew you wouldn’t be paid, but you really wanted to do it/try it/experiment with it/ and see the result? Did you ever do some really hard and new job out of your own will while nobody pushed you to do it?

Did you ever risk A LOT or EVERYTHING even when you couldn’t have done any legitimate estimations of the future results and you still decided to do it because it just felt right?

Did you ever do some volunteer job while working at another job and even though all the constant working drained you physically and emotionally, you kept on working and somehow still felt very optimistic and hopeful?

Did you ever feel betrayed when things you believed in so much didn’t work out, but you could not leave instantly, in fact, you tried harder to make everything work the way it should?

If you ever did, felt, gone through such things, then I have something for you, my friend. You’re a passionate freak. You don’t always find understanding in this world. You avoid manipulation. People might tell you that you are too emotional. And yes, you are. You do seem too emotional if compared to very structured, calm, and consistent “cyborgs” working 9 to 6 on the jobs they really hate but need cause they want to spend all their money on vacation once per year and that will be a legit life for 30–40 years till they reach retirement.

We need more passionate people
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So unlike those people you were desperately searching for something that would light you up. And you would find it. And you would burn along with it. And sometimes, you would notice that things were changing and your passion turned into pain.

People would ask you “Hey, if things changed, why didn’t you leave fast? Why did you wait all this long time to leave?” And you would ask in return, “When the passion starts fading in a relationship with a person that you really love, do you just end the relationship one day and move to another one?”

People who don’t love what they do, people who have never considered passion their core driving force in making decisions will never understand you.

Why do you think “one-night stands” exist? They are easy. They do not involve feelings or passion, no story or effort, just some animal needs and reflexes. You know what you can offer and you know what you can get.

We need more passionate people
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Most businesses in the world seek, for some reason, “professionals in their field”, “experts” as they call them, who will contribute their skills to the company and.. well, that’s pretty much it! Nobody seeks passionate people. But why? Are they afraid they will change the way things were before? (Yes, they will.) Are they afraid they will protest the limitations of their creativity? (Yes, they will.) Are they afraid they will be protesting lack of freedom? (Yes, they will.)

So, now you know why. Passionate people are easy to engage in things they really want to do. But they are also very easy to lose. Passionate people are visionaries. They work their asses off. And not because of money or fame. They just want something to be done right. Of course, financial compensation is great, but they would even do it for free because they believed in it so much. They want something they envision (and hack knows how they can see it and when it comes to them, in their sleep, or in a shower, or maybe even while cleaning dishes, but it just comes).

We all need more passionate people, those willing to put an effort into their “work relationship”. They don’t leave fast. They fight till the end. They don’t practice “one-night stands”. They don’t give up easily. They are emotional and empathic. They feel responsible for what they do and for the people they work along with and for. They are the only people that no AI will ever beat in intellectual capabilities because we will never teach robots to love.

Posted by:Bozhena Sheremeta

Bozhena Sheremeta is the founder and the chief editor of TheHustleIsFemale. She has launched the online magazine when she was 24 to promote financial freedom, ambition, and financial literacy among women around the world. Previously, Bozhena worked as a tech journalist, tech media CEO, and a digital marketing consultant for tech startups.

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