Why is the first day at a new workplace is always so exciting and scary? It’s a chance to either get a perfect reputation which most probably will result in some fast career moves or become that one person who almost everybody in the office avoids going to lunch with.

How can you not end up in the second category? We asked women what one piece of advice they could definitely use when they started working in their companies.

1) Be a good listener. Control your ego and don’t try to impress new colleagues with your previous wins. Instead, ask people about themselves, listen attentively, and you will break the ice quickly. But also don’t try to listen to everybody just to gain popularity. Stay as sincere as possible. Don’t listen to people to seem polite. Try to remember the details (especially, names!) and stay focused during conversations. Imagine your new colleague telling you about some of her or his work or family issues and the next day when they come up to you again and ask your opinion, you can’t even remember their name. Now, that can be a disaster.

2) Offer help. The fact that you can take responsibility proves that you’re mature and reliable. These features are the backbone to a good career wherever you go. And if you want to show your boss or colleagues that you are ready to take on responsibility – offer help! Offer to help organize a meeting, or lead a new project, or even just offer an advice on any matter. This proves that you’re not just responsible but initiative too. Don’t be afraid to ask for that extra responsibility because it will only take you out of your comfort zone and lead to growth.

3) Maintain your health. You might think that there is no connection between reputation and physical health. Remember the last time you were on the metro train and somebody sneezed right beside you? Eww! Did you offer them Kleenex? Definitely! But you wouldn’t offer them a hug for sure. We instinctively feel how healthy other people are. That’s why we avoid talking, touching or being close to sick people. Tons of makeup and a fake smile won’t trick your coworkers. Only a healthy and vibrant body evokes positive emotions and motivates to be around. Exercise and stretch in the morning for at least 10 minutes. Manage to include veggies and good fats in your daily menu. Drink still water. Do not skip annual health checkups. These simple things strengthen your immune system and make you naturally appealing to other people.

4) Don’t stress too much. After all, it’s just another job. At the end of the day, it’s just a part of your life, not your whole life. When you make a mistake, accept it, apologize, and try to fix it. If it cannot be fixed, make sure you learned the lesson so you won’t do it again. Do not let stress and mistakes get into you, lead to anxiety or even depression. Develop self-awareness. Being self-aware is the only way to stay wise and proactive in stressful situations. Even though being emotional is absolutely fine, it will become your greatest benefit if you don’t easily freak out about mistakes. But when something does ruin your balance, try count from 1 to 10 before saying something aggressive or offensive to your boss or colleagues. Even if you feel angry and determined to defend yourself. Well, especially if you feel that way. You can also take a short walk. Fresh air will naturally calm you down. Stressful situations happen in every workplace daily. Staying in charge of your emotions will help to save your reputation during conflicts in the workplace.

5) Never complain. Work is the place where you spend about 70% of your day. If you start complaining about it, there is no way you will gain a good reputation. Not to say perfect. We all adore inspired, excited, and joyful people. “Why the heck are they so excited?” you might think while sitting at your office counting time till 5 PM when you’ll be finally ready to leave. Those guys must really love what they are doing that’s why they’re so happy. And if you’re not, then you should change it, not complain about it. People generally avoid those who complain and generate discontent. So if you want to hold leading positions in your team and move up through the career ladder, you have to be honest with yourself and determine whether you want to stay in this company/this team/this industry/with this boss/etc. If you don’t want to be known as a whining energetic vampire choose the job that suits you. Set a goal to change your job and make small steps every day so it can happen ASAP.

6) Protect your borders. Many of us don’t understand that saying “no” is as crucial for success as saying “yes.” By saying “no” to one opportunity, you say “yes” to another one. There is nothing wrong about protecting your borders. But we all know that there are some pushy people out there (actually, in every office) who might be trying to talk you into doing their work for them. These people can even be your bosses. In this case, it is a high time to discover the magic of polite but confident “no.” Remember we told you to offer help? Not in this case. Because this time, it’s not your initiative to help but an outside pressure to make you do something. If your colleagues or boss are crossing your borders, then sit down with them and talk to them. Don’t get upset if you get fired after being honest. It merely means it wasn’t your place, your team, and your boss.  Bear in mind if you don’t respect yourself then no one else will. And girl, Aretha was right, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” is what you need.

7) Don’t gossip! Never. Last but not least, gossiping is the surefire way to forget about trust of your colleagues and bosses. They do what cheat meals do to your abs. They destroy your reputation fast. Think twice before chit chatting about your boss or coworkers. Avoid questions or sharing opinions about someone else’s personal life, habits, and appearance too. Remember this especially during corporate parties. That’s when the alcohol starts messing with everybody. Colleagues tend to gossip even more at corporate events to have fun, but it is not an excuse. If you prioritize your reputation, you should ignore this seduction. Besides, there are so many cool things to be discussing these days! From the new SavageX pieces to the midterms candidates, anything but gossips will save your reputation.

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Posted by:Tetiana Voitseshchuk

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