Being a successful female entrepreneur isn’t just about money. It’s about using your time and skills to your best benefit without exhausting yourself. Check these seven habits to develop as a female business owner today to start winning big tomorrow.


1. Wake up earlier. Yes, all those coaches are actually right. Waking up earlier does add extra time to your day. The beauty of it? You can use the time whichever way you want – meditation, sports, structuring your plan for the day, hobbies. By noon, you will have several things amid work already completed, and this feeling of accomplishment will be rewarding.

It is merely possible to wake up refreshed after a night of poor sleep, though. So you need to think of the ways how you can start going to bed earlier too. Programming your body to wake up and fall asleep at the same time every day can help. Start small. Try going to bed and waking up 15-minutes earlier each day and you’ll get about two extra morning hours by the end of the week!


2. Detach yourself from the phone. Turn on the airplane mode for at least a couple of hours per day. All the Instagram followers, Target’s special deals on email, the folks from your church in WhatsApp group chat can endure without you checking up on them every 10 minutes. The more concentrated you’re on the work, the more things you can cross off your to-do list throughout the day.

Use apps that help to track and limit your on-screen time. There are a few. Freedom app creates blocklists and schedules time away from the apps that may be the most distracting. The Moments app analyzes your web activity and provides you with the personalized data on your social media usage. Don’t try to cut all your surfing at once. It doubles the risk of quitting on your goal. Be a good friend to yourself, not a strict parent. Limit on-screen time gradually decreasing it from week to week.


3. Attend at least one event weekly. Events mean networking, and networking means potential employees, partners, and clients. And that’s exactly what you need! Some of us tend to underestimate the value of communication for business success. Workaholics think that even a cup of coffee with coworkers is a waste of time. However, it is better to understand communication as an investment, not a waste.

Attending events and meeting new people on a regular basis will keep you known and heard. It will also give you some extra motivation as you learn about other people’s wins, plans, and aspirations. Make a plan of events you want to visit this month and buy the tickets beforehand (you don’t want to miss out on the “early-bird” ones). Also, this way you won’t be able to change your mind at the very last moment and have a date with pizza and movie in bed instead.


4. Make your business cards creative and catchy. Flashcards with your freebie or a commercial offer can be a great hook for the prospects. Such “business cards” will definitely be remembered well. Furthermore, potential clients will get your offer instantly. If you don’t have enough budget for flashcards, try to be creative with design at least. Also, buy a card case, so the cards stay clean and neat. Make a habit of giving more than one card. This way people will be able to give it to others.

5. Update your professional photos often. It’s 2018 but people still make the first impression based on the looks. And since almost half of our life is on social media now, you should take care of your profile pictures as much as you take care of the skin on your face. Don’t hesitate to spend time and money on a professional photo shoot. Not only does it make you feel confident and beautiful but also benefits your online presence.  Fill your social media pages with photos that represent you as a successful and optimistic person. Don’t miss a chance to be photographed during business events. As the organizers post the photos, you can always tag yourself and gain more attention to your profile.


6. Organize and update your LinkedIn regularly. No matter what your business is, B2B or B2C, service or product-based, LinkedIn is a powerful tool to build your brand and get prospects. According to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry report by 2015 State Of Marketing Report, LinkedIn has now surpassed Facebook as the #1 most important social platform for B2B marketers and business owners. So go to your LinkedIn and fill it to 100% with all possible information on your educational background, previous jobs, and current business. Ask for recommendations from ex-managers, clients or even employees. Add all the skills you have and ask your friends for endorsements. Check profile visitors daily and connect with them by just saying “Hi! We haven’t met yet, but I really like the idea behind your business. Can you tell me more?”

7. Re-connect with meaningful people. Keep track of your ex-clients, partners, and employees but don’t waste too much time soothing your relationship with them.  There is a good communication skill by Dale Carnegie. He advised to write down a full name and a date of birth near the cell phone number of your contacts.

Time passes by, but his advice remains useful. Don’t be lazy to send birthday wishes to people on your list. It is better to write something sincere and inspiring than to limit yourself to “Happy Birthday!” Make people feel special, and they won’t forget it.


Now, take a look at your daily routine. How many things do you do already? What is yet to be done? Let us know in the comments below!

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