Networking is the new black. People meet to get contacts that might get them new jobs, new investments, new colleagues or business partners, and even introductions to more powerful people. It is all great and fun until you have to say… Wait, do you know what you should or shouldn’t say while networking? This list of quotes will secure you getting embarrassed so make sure you don’t use any of them by mistake!

1. I didn’t think I would meet any interesting people here.

Why would you come then? Don’t you value your time or there is utterly nothing you enjoy doing? Don`t be snobby and give others a chance. We are all equal and deserve the same level of respect. Besides, think about the person you’re talking to. This quote feels insulting since you’re implying she or he is not interesting. Yikes.


2. I think that taxes/president/religion…

Use this phrase only when you want to destroy the networking vibe. Besides that crazy plan – never. It’s okay to discuss these topics with family members, maybe even at church, or at a special weekly night out with your friends. But at a work-related occasion, the stuff you talk about should also be work-related. Avoiding sensitive topics will save your reputation clean and prevent ideological conflicts.  I got so tipsy!

3. I got so tipsy!

Think twice before drinking another glass of wine, margarita or whatever you have a taste for. Some people drink a lot while networking because they feel nervous. While boose helps to relax and take it easier, it does not contribute to a good impression of you. Networking events are a chance to meet people and establish a business relationship. Notice, it has nothing to do with dancing on a table, singing karaoke, and kissing strangers. Leave that for your Saturday night out with girlfriends.


4. I wish I stayed home with a book and pizza.

This is the last thing you say to the potential business partner. Not only it depicts you as a lazy but also shows the lack of motivation. People want to hire or cooperate with those who are inspired and willing to take actions. No one wants to be a strict teacher controlling the employes as well as to be an eternal battery for inspiration.

5. How old are you?

You should not ask people about their age. Not only this information is personal, but it also has nothing to do with work. People might think of you as embarrassing or even flirty.  

6. Hahahaha

Joining laughing people pretending you got the joke. Do you remember this scene from Bridget Jones’s Diary? She comes to random people and starts laughing with them until someone says: “Pardon?” If you don`t want to get in such a trap, then avoid fake laughs. It is better to start a conversation with someone who is alone or join the company during a discussion.


7. My boss is such a jerk!

Do not hesitate to ask about possible job opportunities. The only thing you should not do at any circumstances is to gossip about your current or previous workplace. Even if your boss was a jerk. Even if you felt underestimated or mistreated. Talking behind someone’s back is just bad. If you meet your potential future boss at the networking event, you have to impress him or her, not make them wonder whether you are going to complain too once they hire you.

8. I just broke up with my partner …

People came to network, not to watch the drama. Your feelings might be hurt, but it’s better to talk about them to your psychologist or life coach. The image of your ex might pop up every other minute. But work is the best medicine from depression, anxiety, and even broken heart. Smile and do your best to meet right people for a better future.


9. Yes, I have read this book. It is awesome! ( if you haven`t)

“Oh, and what do you think about the main character?”  And you are trapped. Body language needs no words. We instinctively feel other people lying or making stuff up. Be honest, be yourself and don’t hesitate to say: “No I haven’t read/seen/been, etc.”

10. Me, Myself and I

Don’t brag about yourself too much. You want to sell yourself, but don’t go overboard. It’s a networking event, not a job interview. No one cares that much about your previous wins here. Your mom and grandma might, but it is another story. Keep in mind that networking is a two-way road. Listen attentively and ask questions.


Have you ever got into funny situations during networking?

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