Relationships are finally perceived as partnerships. And partnerships are all about equal rights and equal spendings. But does your gift budget has to be the same as your partner’s? And can you really measure the value of a present by money only? The holiday season is upon us so we have decided to find out just that and asked six women what they think.

1. Meghan, 34. “Keep your budget at a partner’s level.”
You probably know how much your partner earns. So there is no need to buy him or her an Apple Watch if you’re sure that it’s not of the same value as what they might be getting you. If you can afford expensive stuff, good for you! But when you’re choosing a present, think about your partner, not yourself. What can he or she afford? “I should have bought something cheaper/more expensive,” that’s the last concern you should have on the Christmas morning. Do not overcomplicate your life.

2. Sonya, 20. “How much do you feel comfortable spending?”
Appreciate your comfort first. If you have to cut off some necessary monthly expenditures for 4 months in a row to buy the perfect gift, then you better don’t. A relationship is not meant to make you struggle financially. Set up to 10% as the maximum share of your monthly income that you can spend on a present.

3. Barbara, 32. “Exchange wish lists.”
Not as romantic as a spontaneous gift but definitely works. Creating a wishlist can also bring the same effect as a short meditation session. While dreaming and writing down your wishes, you become closer to your wishes and goals. Sometimes, being busy and in charge of everything, makes you forget about your little dreams. While creating a list, put the items in random order, regardless of the value. When done, exchange with your partner.

4. Lauren, 30. “Ask about their budget.”
There is nothing shameful in asking about his or her budget expectations. Having this conversation is significant for long-lasting relationships. We tend to believe that we know our partners too well. But that’s not 100% correct. Don`t forget that your partner is a living and ever-changing being that goes on social media daily, listens to the radio, watches TV shows, reads books, and talks to other people. All this massive volume of information creates loads of new goals, wishes, and desires that you might not get updated about on a daily basis.

5. Melissa, 28. “Treat yourself!”
If you don’t know what your partner wants and you don’t want to go too expensive, then get an experience gift that can be useful for both of you! What about scuba diving together? Or maybe a cooking class? Include yourself in the gift. And no, it is not selfish! Nothing unites a couple better than spending time together.

6. Chelsea, 29 “Listen to your intuition.”
Forget all the advice from magazines and friends. It is your partner. What do you feel like gifting? How much do you want to spend? What does your inner voice say? It might seem riskier than exchanging wish lists or talking about budget expectations. However, you must definitely know about hobbies, passions, and goals of your partner. So sit down and think what you can get that can help reach those goals. A well thought out gift costs more than any money in the world.

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Posted by:Tetiana Voitseshchuk

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