If you are leaving 2018 frustrated on why you didn’t make as many sales as you were hoping for, check these five mistakes to avoid as a female boss so you can make 2019 your year!

You forget to sell yourself

With the Internet constantly upleveling with new entrepreneurs every day, you have to learn that nowadays people don’t want to be sold just a product. People buy into the story of something. Then, what you sell becomes so much broader than just selling your product or service. It’s about selling your solution. That needs to be bigger than just your product. It needs to be your brand. And if you haven’t built it yet, then it’s time to start thinking of one!

You’re boring

When you say the exact same, regurgitated sales copy to sell your stuff, then, of course, no one is going to buy. You are taking away what amazing, powerful and sellable there is about you. Don’t take away your easiest way to differentiate by guru-washing your content, sales calls, and more. This comes when you are unclear of what you offer and thus, feel confused on what to say in order to get people to work with you. So, you try to follow everyone else’s guidelines to get to success. When, in fact, it makes you what I call, an “Insta-drone” (insert whatever social platform what you want). Don’t take yourself out of the equation of your success. Be you, be bold, be different. And the right people will come.

You’re inconsistent

If you look back, can you pinpoint how often you promoted your services? If you are constantly waiting until you have everything perfect and ready, then you’ll be waiting a really long time to sell. You need to promote your services to your audience consistently so that it’s constantly in the forefront of their minds. No, this doesn’t mean spam, but be sure to be talking about how powerful your solution is to your client’s problem so that they can they can think of your brand when they are looking to solve their problem.

You’re trying way too hard

Recognize that not everyone is going to work with you. Whether they are ready or not, simply aren’t the right fit, or have a lot going on, unless you know in your gut that they need your service, don’t waste your energy chasing them. There are plenty of clients out, there is no need to desperately chase this one. There is a difference in selling with love and selling with desperation. The latter serves no one and makes you and your potential client frustrated, forced, and in a bad mood. Your goal should be to work with people who recognize your value from the get-go and want to work with you with little teeth-pulling.

You don’t follow up

This is the number one mistake I see entrepreneurs make time and time again. They treat their clients like their one-offs and constantly look for new ones, or they let a qualified lead give a half-hearted “no” and move on. There is so much power in checking in with people and following up on their program, seeing where they are at, and seeing if any of your current programs would suit them! For those who said “no” (but were incredibly interested) see how they’re doing and offer a cheaper program or a payment plan (if you didn’t on a call). Don’t leave money on the table when you know people want to work with you. People let fear stop them from buying often. Be the one to call them out on it.

You forget to have fun

I’m guessing you didn’t sign up to be an entrepreneur to be a slave to it. You did it so you can have a life! From personal experiences, you will always end up burned out if your selling methods have zero fun in them. Ask yourself, what would be a really fun way to sell your solution today? And do it. Get excited about your business again. Because when you feel good about it, it shows in your content, your conversations, and to your audience. People gravitate to those who are having a blast (they want that for themselves). Be one of those people.

Which one of these sales mistakes are you leaving in 2018? Let us know in the comments!

Written by our contributor Elisabeth Jackson, Money Mindset&Business Mentor at The Afro Coach. You can follow Elisabeth on Facebook and Instagram. Become our contributor too! Apply here.

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