After one year of becoming a professional social media strategist, joining ClickFunnels community managers team, and helping tons of brands establish their social media presence, I have found out that running a giveaway is one of the invaluable strategies to double or even triple your engagement rates and gain loyal followers.

It is not a secret that Instagram is a following number game. From a professional point of view, engagement matters more but the follower count is what most people are attracted to at first.

And let’s be honest, we all love to be followed by many people. Having a bigger following especially if they were engaging can be huge for your business. And what’s better for getting engagement than a giveaway.

In this post, I will explain all the steps you need to plan a successful giveaway that will explode your following and engagement rates.

1. Identify the main goal of the giveaway

It is always a great idea to host a giveaway but it can also be beneficial to have an end goal in mind. Think of one main purpose for your giveaway so that you can plan around it.

Lots of businesses throw giveaways to encourage sales during slow seasons or when launching a new product to attract attention to it. You can also host your giveaway to boost your follower numbers if you notice that it is not growing as you are hoping.

2. Eyes on the prize

Now that you decided the main objective of your giveaway, you would be thinking of a prize that matches the goal.

One of the approaches I love is asking my client’s audience about what they want. I take advantage of the Instagram polls sticker and post in stories asking our followers about which item they like the most. This way you warm up the followers and create anticipation over what you are offering. It is a great way to attract their attention and encourage them to check your account frequently and confirm that you really care about your audience.

When thinking of a prize to offer, you have to consider a few things.

  • Give valuable prize that actually means something to your followers. Giving away free stuff doesn’t imply that it needs to be worthless
  • Keep it simple. We “people” are lazy, we want the most value while exerting minimal effort. Don’t ask your followers to go through a million steps to be enrolled in the giveaway. The fewer the steps, the higher the participation
  • Pay attention to visuals. Instagram is all about visuals. So, use appealing pictures to attract and encourage your audience to participate in your giveaway
  • Interact. Like and reply to comments. Thank them for their interest and wish them good luck
  • Mention “GIVEAWAY” at the beginning of your post. Honestly, some people don’t read Instagram captions, so make it easier by stating that you are hosting a giveaway in the first line of your caption. People are psychologically attracted to certain words like FREE and WIN. Take advantage of that and draw more participants
  • Run your contest for a few days. Create urgency feeling by hosting the giveaway for only a couple of days. This will encourage people to take quick action so they don’t miss the chance of winning. 3-5 is an ideal period in most cases.

3. Collaborate with another Instagram brand or influencer

This step is optional but if done right, it could be the key to your giveaway success. In this step, you need to find the right brand or influencer. Make sure to choose a brand with the mutual target audience for best results. That way, you both have a chance of getting found by each other’s followers with a high opportunity of getting found by hundreds of potential followers as well.

If you decide to hire an influencer, make sure to find a legit one with real numbers and engagement rates. You can always ask for screenshots of analytics regarding their profile views, audience, and click rates. In that case, you would want the influencer to announce and host the giveaway being the one with more followers and higher authority.

Переглянути цей допис в Instagram

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Допис, поширений CASETiFY (@casetify)

4. Set rules and launch

Setting rules is an important key to your giveaway success. You ideally want to reach as many people as you possibly can for better virality. The best way to do this is to ask your audience to:

  • Like the post
  • Follow your account and/or the account you’re collaborating with
  • Tag a friend who would love this giveaway

Tagging friends is an amazing way to increase exposure and grow your following. However, remember those lazy people won’t love to tag tons of friends. One or two friends tag would be perfect for your audience.

You also need to make sure to state start and end date clearly. Review the rules one more time and post your giveaway.

It is always a good idea to share the news on your other social accounts to encourage your audience there to give you a follow on Instagram as well.

Pro tip: I always like to check Instagram analytics to have an idea of the best times for posting and I make sure to post around it. I usually use scheduling tools to ensure my posts go live in the best times. Some of my favorite tools are Later ,“my absolute favorite”, and Planoly.

5. Pick and announce the winner

Here comes the fun part! Your hard work has paid off, your giveaway is getting tons of comments, and your account is having hundreds of new followers!

But how to pick the winner? I personally use different methods to pick my winners.

  • Pick a random name. I write all entries on a name picker tool like this and let it choose a random winner for me
  • Pick a random number: This method works better if you have a large number of entries. You can copy and paste all comments into a spreadsheet and it will number them for you. Then, use Google’s random number generator tool to choose a number.
  • Comment Picker Tool: That is the easiest method ever. Just add the giveaways post link and the tool would choose it for you

Announcing the winner shouldn’t be unnoticed and it can be another strategy to attract followers and engage with your audience. Here are a few ways to announce the Instagram giveaway winner:

  • Mention the winner’s name in stories
  • Give a description of the prize in stories and announce the winner there
  • Add an edit or a comment on your giveaway post to announce the winner
  • Go live to add a little bit of drama, display the gift if it was a physical product, and congratulate the winner
  • Take advantage of the new countdown sticker in Instagram stories and create a 24-hour countdown to create buzz around your giveaway like my friend Carl Firth and his best of Santorini account did

Congratulations! You have officially hosted a successful giveaway. Enjoy having tons of new followers and crazy engagement. Yes, you still need to work hard to maintain it but enjoy a moment of victory and get back to becoming amazing with your audience. Post more of what they like, add stories, and engage with them as much as you can and you shall see great results for a long time to come.

Written by our contributor Asmaa Moussa, Social Media Strategist, Owner of Moussa Media, Community Manager at ClickFunnels. You can join Asmaa’s group on Facebook or follow her on Instagram. Become our contributor too! Apply here.

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