Every New Year seems like another chance to start from scratch. Although, how many of us actually managed to accomplish everything on our resolutions list from last year? The lack of good motivation and striving to accomplish way too much at once might be to blame. Check these seven ideas for New Year resolutions and add some or even all to your 2019 list.

1. End toxic relationships.Who are those people you spend most of your time with? Do they support or let you down? There is an easy way to check it. If walking away after a meeting you feel inspired and grateful then a relationship is positive. If you feel guilty, upset or depressed then you’re dealing with a toxic person. Cutting these connections is usually very hard. But trust us, it will change everything. Brace yourself, ladies. It’s for your own good.

2. Start your own thing. A business. A blog. A non-profit. However crazy all your ideas might sound, you must try implementing them gradually. You might like doing this or that and you might not. But at least you’ll know for sure. And this certainty will eliminate a great deal of regret from your elderly years. Just remember that all your ideas and “crazy wishes” aren’t really that crazy. Also, don’t start big. If you want to found an NGO that helps homeless people, don’t start it on day one. Go to some organization that helps these people, volunteer there for some time, get into this industry, understand it, feel it. This will let you truly know whether you want it, whether it’s your passion, or it gets your bored so you should quit and move on to the next idea that really lights up your eyes and heart.

3. Use budget managing apps. Managing your budget seems as dreadful as Algebra II in the junior class. But it’s not in fact. It’s a stereotype promoted by some banks, insurance companies, retail sector and a bunch of other institutions that earn billions of money on those who don’t know how to manage their funds. Thankfully, technology has changed it so now planning your spendings can be easy. And it makes you more successful and confident in your own eyes. For instance, Digit links to your checking account and automatically analyzes your income and spendings. Then, it simply transfers some amount of money into your FDA account daily. Saving is also about cutting off unnecessary spendings. Clarity Money analyzes your subscriptions and defines those that just drain your accounts. Tech is everywhere now. And it’s useful, so take advantage of it.

4. Clean out your wardrobe.There is no need to collect stuff to feel successful now. We’re in 2019 and the less is more. Minimalism is the key to the good taste. The less junk you have, in your wardrobe and your head, the more freedom you feel. Look deep inside you. Are you the same woman you were a year before? Absolutely not. You’ve grown. You have gotten more experienced. You have learned new things and a new perspective on life. And your clothes should reflect that. Which clothes this new version of you wants to wear? Also, don’t forget to donate old stuff. Don’t just throw it away. Hello! Mindful waste management, ladies.

5. Learn to eat and cook healthy.Seriously, let’s make 2019 a year when you finally stop eating so much junk. Self-control is so important, girl. We don’t suggest you should throw away all your Oreo cookies now but do set wise limits to your consumption of all the sweet, fried, grilled, and smoked stuff you eat. At least find places close to your office that serve fresh food if you don’t have enough time in your schedule to spare for good old home cooking. Eating healthy is not only about losing weight. It is about waking up refreshed and feeling fly on a daily basis. Subscribe to some Instagram accounts or  YouTube channels with healthy foods recipes. The results won’t come immediately. Be realistic, give it several months to make it a habit and you’ll see your hands searching for a carrot instead of a Hershey kiss while you’re busy working.

6. Don’t buy more new books if you haven’t read old ones.Did you notice it? You buy new books to read even though you haven’t read all the books you have bought last year. What is this even called? A bookaholic mania? Reading is great though. It teaches you, inspires you, gives food for thought and laugh, and sometimes even cry. But be reasonable. Your budget and savings account will be thankful. Instead, make a reading list that contains all the books you have missed to read last year and dig in.

7. That crazy thing.You only live once and you have a right to accomplish your dreams. Visit India? Make a tattoo of a raccoon? Come out to your parents? There are some things we all want to do but they sound too crazy or even unachievable. However, they are more than real when you decide that now is a right time. Think about your high school and college dreams. What were they? And why do you think it’s too late? It is never too late to try. It’s better to try now so you don’t have to guess. Never guess. Be sure instead.

Which one of these will you put on your resolutions list for 2019? Share in the comments!

Posted by:Tetiana Voitseshchuk

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