Tired of choosing between business and kids? Nothing stopped these 11 female hustlers from becoming successful mom bosses. Note down their tips to dispel your doubts on making career as a mom.

1.Tanya Marie Figueras Kraisingr, Owner of  Buildabiz, Inc., mother of one

My husband and I discuss the plan each night. Then we lay it out for my son to see in the morning. I also manage our meal plans, grocery lists, family schedule, and family tasks (pay the bills, renew visas, get new VPN, etc) all on the Trello boards.

2. Kim Reyes, Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant at EKR Business Solutions, mother of three

I ‘train’ my children early on to play independently so it’s easy for me to have them play while I work. They also have their own responsibilities at home so even if I don’t have house help, we still get things done around the house. I utilize apps that make my life easier, such as online groceries and house cleaners for hire.

3. Kabrina Budwell, Owner of Coding and Contractions, mother of three

Scheduling time is what really helps me. Scheduling week by week gives you the freedom to work and roll with the punches (like sick little), but still get your planned agenda of work (home and business) done for the week. Spend 20 minutes on Sunday afternoon mapping out your week.


4. Katie Fleming, Business Coach at $1k Mom™, mother of two

Define your working hours. For you, in your current season, it may look like an hour every few hours when your newborn naps. Whatever it is, define it and protect that time like crazy. Only let in productive, money-making tasks into that time!

5. Marta Spirk, Mom Does It All, Certified Success Coach, mother of triplets

Triplets require a predictable routine. We eat meals at the same times and still do naps once a day. They are great sleepers. I owe it all to sleep training. And that’s how I’ve been able to build my business. The structure changes from time to time as they grow but I’ve found ways to adjust.

6. Andrya Allen, Founder of Crossland Communication, mother of two

We have a weekday schedule that we follow. Kids know what to expect and it keeps us all on the same page. When they have activity time, dress up time or play outside, I can get a little work done. I also rely heavily on my husband and a sitter once a week to make sure we all get our work done, stay ahead and make at least a little time for ourselves.


7. Cassandra Estifanos, Owner of Cassema Photography, mother of one

Family is important to me so I try to spend as much time as I can with my daughter. When she is having an off day, I will usually set up a play-doh station in her room that will keep her busy for about an hour so I can work. And when everything else fails, a movie always does the trick.

8. Jo Ebisujima, Solopreneur of Jojoebi, mother of one

I run a membership club to help moms to get organized at home, with their kids, in their head, and at work so that they have time to run their own business around their family and on their own terms. We also live in Japan so I have never had any family support, my husband works crazy long hours so it has always been very much doing it all by myself.
My best advice is to be clear on what you intend to achieve by the end of the day. After that, play your day accordingly. Embrace the idea of a flow. Once you do this, everything feels much easier.

9. Karen Grill, Founder and Owner of Second Act Moms, mother of two

I create a time block schedule – and each block is a theme – like administrative (invoicing, paying bills, etc.) or content creation (writing blog posts, social media posts).  That way I know what to do as soon as I sit down to work. Also, if I’m struggling, I use the “pomodoro” technique to help me focus. You simply break down work into intervals, usually 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks.


10. Heather Denning, Owner of Denning Bookkeeping Solutions , mother of one

Do the menu plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It may be the bookkeeper in me but over-planning actually makes me feel more relaxed. I can plan ahead and cook in bulk, and we save money from dining out too much.

11.  Sadie L Harper, Owner and President of Southern Ambition LLC, mother of three

I think there are two key things for me. I had to learn to put boundaries around my workspace and time. When I didn’t have a desk, my computer followed me around the house, and I found it difficult to put work down, and I also found it difficult to manage my ‘at-work’ time because it was all over the place.

Other thing is when I’m done for the day or week, I’m done. And I will not check or respond to emails until the next business day because it’s not an emergency.

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Posted by:Tetiana Voitseshchuk

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