No matter who you’re and what you do, a blogger who’s posting on social media daily, a sales person who’s writing emails to potential clients, a college graduate applying to jobs, a newbie book editor who wants to make sure his editing is error-free, one thing unites us all. We start panicking when we realize we’ve written something incorrectly and now the “grammar police” is right around the corner chasing us. Familiar?

Smart artificial intelligence scientists have got our back by creating this online grammar-checker called Grammarly.

All you have to do to check whether you have any mistakes in your text is create your free account using an email address or your Facebook account and then just paste your text in the “New document” area in Grammarly. You can also click on “Upload” to simply upload your text document directly into the checker. All the mistakes you have will be shown on the right, next to your text. They will also be highlighted within the text itself. By clicking on a mistake, you’ll see Grammarly’s suggestion on how it can be fixed.


A student essay has a different goal than, let’s say, a commercial offer of a sales manager. For this purpose, Grammarly offers to set your text goals so the algorithm can suggest the edits based on the intent of your text. You can also choose the domain, audience, style, and even emotion.

If you want even more from Grammarly, like checking for plagiarism or human proofreading,  you can go Premium for just $11.66 per month if billed annually. Now, this can be a very important investment in your business, studies, and your personal brand overall, since the free plan only corrects grammar and punctuation errors. Premium identifies ineffective vocabulary, confusing sentences, wordiness, insensitive or impolite language, etc.


Grammarly also offers Google Chrome extension that you can download and install in Chrome so that anything you write in your browser will be checked via Grammarly instantly. You won’t even have to paste it into the checker unless you want to use Premium features or define text goals. If you’re a Mac owner, you can also download a standalone Grammarly app for Mac.

Ready to stop blushing and keeping yourself from writing because of mistakes you make? Try Grammarly and recommend to your friends and colleagues!

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