So what was the last thing you’ve read? Kim Kardashian’s post on Instagram? That’s what we thought. How about finally filling up your brain with something funny yet accurate, hard but necessary for your career, entertaining and thought-provoking at the same time? We’ve piled up the list of books you should definitely read this year to reinforce your feministic goal-getting mindset and get you ready for success.

1. “WorkParty: How to Create & Cultivate the Career of Your Dreams” by Jaclyn Johnson

“First, we leaned in. Now we stand up.”

“You want it all? You can have it!” Jaclyn Johnson, the founder, and CEO of the Create&Cultivate promises in her book. In her early twenties, Jaclyn left her home and stepped into the unknown. She launched her company with a trusted friend. Soon after, Jaclyn found out that she was manipulated and betrayed by her business partner. Now, Jaclyn Johnson owns the fastest growing online platform for millennial women in business. Her book shows how to turn distrust into determination, frustration into fuel, and heartache into hard work.

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2.  “Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace” by Jessica Bennett

“Remember: white men constitute just 31 percent of the American population. There is no situation in which they should be constituting the majority of the room.”

The problems of our foremothers were obvious. The issues of modern females are less visible and much harder to prove – mansplaining, interrupting, not crediting our ideas and voices, etc. Jessica Bennett, the award-winning journalist, dedicated her entire life to researching gender issues. Partially manual, partially manifesto, her new book became a life savior for those working in sexist workplaces. The book is refreshing and thought-provoking. Bennett created her own archetypes, also known as psychological models. For example, the Manterrupter, an archetype whose main feature is talking over female colleagues during a meeting. Another psychological type is the Himilator who appropriates women’s ideas. Not only Jessica does describe those archetypes but also provides us with hacks for dealing with them. “Feminist Fight Club” is a must-have for those who represent a new generation of professional and open-minded females.

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3. “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins

“The secret isn’t knowing what to do—it’s knowing how to make yourself do it.”

You do want to change, but you can’t make yourself do it? Then, consider this book as top-priority. At the age of 41, Mel’s life was a mess. She was unemployed, facing bankruptcy, hitting the bottle hard, raising three kids. The troubles didn’t seem to end until Mel created her five-second rule. And it saved her. Mel we see now hardly reminds the woman she was then. She gathers thousands of people during her speeches. Through inspiring stories from history, business, and art, she explains the power of a “push moment”. The world’s largest brands are currently using her book to boost employees’ productivity. Why don’t you try it too?

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4. “Whiskey in a Teacup” by Reese Witherspoon

“We may be delicate and ornamental on the outside, but inside we’re strong and fiery.”

Our favorite blonde now tells the story of her life. It is just as sincere and as genuine as Reese Witherspoon is. From BBQ fried chicken to backyard bridal showers. This book is a breath of fresh air and power. The main hero is Witherspoon’s grandma Dorothea, southern woman who knows how the things are done. “A combination of beauty and strength made southern women ‘whiskey in a teacup’,” Dorothea says and invites us to the world of southern female wisdom.

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5. Dear Founder: Letters of Advice for Anyone Who Leads, Manages, or Wants to Start a Business” by Maynard Webb and Carlye Adler

“When it comes to work, there is a fear factor around meritocracy. People are afraid of being openly judged. However, when you know what you are being measured against, it’s empowering.”

Maynard Webb is a 40-year veteran of the technology industry. He served as Chairman of the Board of Yahoo! and COO of eBay. He also held executive roles at Gateway, Bay Networks, and Quantum. Besides building an outstanding career, Maynard writes business bestsellers. Carlyle Adler, an award-winning journalist, helped him to create the new one. “Dear Founder.” includes more than 80 inspiring, wise and informative letters on building and growing your business. From leading executives to business founders. This book gives a chance to learn from the best of the best for everyone. This book is a must-have for every aspiring female entrepreneur founding the company of her dream.

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6. “Refinery29 Money Diaries: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Your Finances… And Everyone Else’s” by Lindsey Stanberry

“The first step to getting your financial life in order is tracking what you spend.”

If you use Twitter, chances are you encountered one of the Refinery29 Money Diaries. The anonymous stories by young women telling about their week’s spendings and savings. Lindsey Stanberry. the book’s author, gathered all of them into one book. She also added a lot of financial advice. How to start an emergency fund even if you’re living from paycheck to paycheck? How to have fun without going broke? Lindsey’s book is a new financial Bible for all progressive females.  

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7. “Feminists don’t wear pink (and other lies)” by Scarlett Curtis

“Like telegrams or corsets or the plague, feminism was the stuff of suffragettes and burnt bras and fights that had been won and long forgotten.”

The book burns all possible stereotypes about feminism and who feminists really are. Scarlet, the author, had come a long way to create it. She was an ordinary teenager. Sexual equality, as she thought, was something we have already sorted out. Then, her life changed. A regular twisted spine operation resulted in two long years of chronic pain. The panic attacks weren’t long in coming. She dropped school twice. When she reached the critical point, her life changed once again. She decided to turn her vulnerability into power. That is how she became a feminist. Her book is about real cases from women’s lives and the ways that led them to become feminists. Honest and sometimes hilarious stories of the true feminists lay the framework for it. Thoughts of Emma Watson, Saoirse Ronan, and Helen Fielding are also in the book.

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8. “When’s happy hour?” by Betches

“ Work hard, so you have to hardly work.”

As New York Times bestselling author Jessica Knoll says, “I only ever want the cold, hard truth from a betch.” That’s an attitude, huh? Knoll is  known for her previous bestsellers “ I had a nice time, and other lies” and “Nice is just a place in France.” In those two books, she teaches women to be bosses of their lives. Now, she shows how to thrive professionally. “When’s happy hour?” is meant to make you the most successful, bitchiest career woman you can be. The book is an ultimate guide on how to be Beyonce in everything you do. Channel your inner Miranda Priestly and show the world whose happy hour it is.

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9.  “Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder”  by Arianna Huffington

“I do believe in less stress and more fulfillment.”

The entire life of this woman deserves a memoir movie. She was born in Athens, Greece. She then earned Master’s in Economics at Cambridge and wrote a book on female movement. After a break up with a famous writer Bernard Levin, she moved to the US and decided to run for California Governor’s Office. Then, launched her media The Huffington Post in 2005. By 2008, The Observer ranked it as the most powerful blog in the world.  You might think Arianna Huffington’s bestseller is all about “go and get it, girl” stuff. That’s what comes to mind first when you think of such an energetic and influential lady. However, it is not. Arianna’s new book is about redefining success. Drowning in the groundbreaking research and psychology, she shows us the way to revolutionizing our lives stress-free.

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10. “Never Eat Alone”  by Keith Ferrazzi

“Success in any field, but especially in business is about working with people, not against them.”

These days, we tend to forget about simple things — for example, offline social connections. Ferrazzi is the new Dale Carnegie, reminding us of the secrets of communication and social success. His approach is based on trust and generosity, not a cold glad-handing at the networking events. Check this book if you are into psychology and philosophy.  Besides his thoughts, the author also mentions the wisdom of great minds such as Dalai Lama and Winston Churchill.

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Books don’t guarantee us success, but they sure can help us get there, right? Share this list with your favorite book reading partner.

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