Feeling grumpy, staying in more often than usual, acting aggressive around your friends and loved ones. Recognize somebody familiar? Maybe even yourself this time of year, huh?

You might have caught winter blues. The good news is that you’re not alone in this. A lot of people get affected by it. The bad news is that a bottle of Chardonnay and Netflix can fix it for one night but not for the rest of the winter. Trying these activities may help to mix your routine up and help you survive till the first rays of spring sun hit.

1. Aromatherapy

This ancient relaxation routine creates a feeling of mental relief. It also reduces fatigue, anxiety, agitation, and depression. Just a drop of citrus oil can brighten up your mood, while sandalwood has an aphrodisiac effect. Yes, that thing that is supposed to turn you and everybody else around you on. Well, at least that’s what is said. You can also add essential oils to your candles to mix the scents.

2. Sexual wellness toys

Sexual satisfaction is vital to feeling fully content with yourself. And you don’t have to wait for your partner to pleasure yourself. Make a good time and money investment and try different sexual wellness toys to understand which work best for you. If you like to be in charge, then consider choosing Unbound’s Squish. The principle behind this toy is easy, the harder you squeeze, the harder it vibrates. It also makes a fun alternative for Kegel exercises. Another toy you might like getting acquainted with is Lello`s Sona Cruise. Instead of vibrating, it uses sonic waves to send pulses throughout your vagina which leads to multiple orgasms.

3. A journal

Some of us have left their diaries back in the middle school, somewhere between unicorns and homework. However, writing down your deepest feelings, including anger and shame helps to cope with adulthood. After a while, you are going to see some repetitive fears or anxieties. You can either take that to a therapist or buy some literature or coaching course to fix your current state. Also, journaling will help to solve the main subliminal issues that might have been bothering you for ages.

4. Dancing classes

Depression is usually linked to overthinking. But when you’re thinking whether your right foot is doing the moves simultaneously with your left hand – you just don’t have enough time to overthink, don’t you? Moving, especially dancing, is a great solution to distract yourself. Start dancing and unnecessary thoughts will naturally fly away. Explore different styles and then concentrate on the one you like the most. Besides, it’s a great way to keep yourself fit.

5. Support group

Put an effort into strengthening your social relationships and interactions. A human being is a social creature. Even if you think you don’t need anybody, that’s actually false. It just means that you don’t have any people around you that are actually “your people”. Nothing comforts us better than a sincere and deep conversation with someone worthy. Start a tradition of watching movies with your girls at your place on the weekends. Or find a local weekly meetup to attend on Meetup.com. This way you might find smart people in the same professional sphere to talk to and share valuable knowledge and experiences. You can attend some events that develop hobbies – like singing, knitting, pottery, etc. In short – get out of your crib more often and meet people that will make your support group later.

6. Boxing

Girls hustle. Girls box. Just like any other sport, boxing provides stress relief and helps to cope with aggression. Psychologists suggest that aggression is a flip side of fear. Thus, boxing classes might give you some extra bravery, independence, and self-confidence. Crying yourself to sleep during long winter nights won’t do you any good. Besides, after you learn to box, you won’t be afraid of walking alone in the evenings anymore. This will be the bad guys’ concern from now on.

Also, remember that we’re just a month away from spring. Use this time to enjoy the fact that you don’t have to care about getting a “beach body” yet. Share this thought with your friends too.

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Posted by:Tetiana Voitseshchuk

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