Some gender roles, like giving birth to a child, are biologically laid upon us, women. But when biology stops its supremacy, here come the social norms.

Just one percent of marriage proposals in straight couples are made by women, The Knot study claims. Why though? Is it because it is so scary for women? Or because this might hurt male pride? The stories of these badass women prove that in reality, it doesn’t have to do with either one. It’s more about minding your own business and not caring about what society will think.

“I decided to propose because I never believed it was ‘man’s’ job to do so.” Olessya Boone, Chilliwack, Canada

I was in love, I knew he was the one and timing was perfect as he went on a trip for a few days. It really gave me the perspective and showed how much I missed him and didn’t want to spend another minute without calling him all mine forever and always! I was a lot braver than he was for the next step.

He was gone on a trip so I had a few days to prepare. I went out and bought him a ring. I engraved it with my name. The proposal itself was in a very relaxed, home atmosphere with his family over for lunch. I proposed during the dessert part, his ring was on top of a caramel apple stick, as we love caramel apples.

I would encourage women to go out there and do what their heart feels right to do! There are no rules or regulations about who proposes to who. We are equal human beings and have a right to express our wants and needs! Proposals are just one of those things!

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“I knew he was the one.” Ankita Dhakar, Auckland, New Zealand

We were friends before I proposed to him and used to talk a lot about everything and after a few months I had developed feelings for him and because he is shy and reserved I knew I had to do this.

We were in a long distance relationship when I proposed to him so it was over the phone but he said “yes” and he mentioned that for him to do this he would have taken a few years whereas I just proposed to him in a few months.

I would totally encourage women to propose. Why? Because male or female, we all have the same feelings when we are in love. I find it completely insane to hide such genuine emotions and wait until the guy proposes to you just because he is a male and we assume he should reach out first.

“I decided to propose to my partner because I’ve always been a proponent of doing things myself, instead of waiting around!” Katie Skinner Herr, Washington, D.C., USA

Sitting and praying that your man would propose, after already having the marriage talk, never made sense to me!

My husband and I have a tradition of getting a beachfront hotel room in the middle of winter. The rates are cheap, it’s empty and we get so much peace. I surprised him with a slightly nicer hotel room that year and made my proposal very simple and honest. No gimmicks or show, just an honest discussion. [editor: I asked him] “Will you marry me?” during a conversation about our future. His reaction was interesting. He said “yes…. but not like this. Not right now. I want to be more prepared for marriage. I want to be more responsible for you.”  So we ended the discussion at that. It wasn’t time yet. We were both young, broke, and figuring it out… Within a year and a half, he proposed to me when we had things a little more stable and figured out. It was perfect.

It can be incredibly empowering to handle that experience by yourself. If you want to get married, why are we waiting? Get creative, be bold and ask!

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