Women who manage businesses might as well be the busiest women out there. They happen to be mothers not just to their real families, but to their businesses, the teams they manage, their colleagues. But who will take care of these ladies though?

If your girl (wife, mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend) is a boss, make sure to spoil her with these gifts. And if you’re a working female hustler yourself, send this to someone who you expect presents from this Valentine’s Day.

Online course

Do you know her well? Then, you might know all her secret wishes and passions. Maybe, she wants to learn painting or graphic design, or even acting! There are a bunch of online platforms that offer a variety of online courses where one can easily learn a certain skill without even leaving the house. Take a look at the Skillshare gift cards. The platform offers business and career-related course. If your woman is more into creative skills, take a look at Masterclass and their classes taught by the global experts and stars. You can find a singing course taught by Christina Aguilera or James Suckling’s course in wine appreciation. Oh, yes, she will praise you for that.



According to the Air Quality-Life Index, increased air pollution concentration levels may shorten your lifespan by one month if you live in New York and by up to eight months if you live in California. If your girl’s business pushes her to always be on the road or in traffic, we can reassure you, she is already looking for the best ways to minimize the bad influence of that. Buy her a humidifier that she will be able to put on her desk, be it at home or at work. Modern humidifiers clean off bacteria, odor, and dust by ionizing the air. And we can’t even praise the positive influence humidifiers make keeping facial skin moisturized.


No matter how crazy and non-luxury this sounds, “a pack of snacks” was one of the most popular gift ideas when we asked female entrepreneurs what they’d love to get for Valentine’s Day. Often, women are so busy working that they don’t have enough time to leave their desk. So that’s when a bag of snacks would really get useful. Plus, “snacks” don’t necessarily mean unhealthy food. You can get a pack of veggie straws or veggie chips. If she’s into sports, she will also appreciate a box of delicious protein bars. Finally, if you really want to spoil her, think about getting her this PALEO Diet Snacks Gift Basket.


Time in peace and silence. Time alone. This as well might be the top gift if you can find a good deal in the nearest SPA. There are so many things to choose from, detox body wraps, facials, and so many different massages. If you think she might not like that (which we would be shocked to find out), you can also buy a gift card for a manicure or a pedicure set. She will love to be pampered and treated like a queen. Gift her with that kind of treatment.


Wire Wall Grid Organizer

This fellow have been a Pinterest sensation and a star of all “work desk inspo” boards. But it does have a practical, not only an aesthetical purpose. Your girl will finally get a place where she will stick all her notes, polaroids, receipts, and coupons. The organizers come in different sizes and colors so there should be no problem at all to mount it on a wall in your apartment or at work.


“Oldie but goodie”. A planner might be a basic gift but do not underestimate its value in a busy woman’s schedule. If your girl hasn’t got herself a 2019 planner yet, try getting her this So Fucking Booked: A 2019 Planner for Tired-Ass Women. The name of this planner as full of sass and ambition as it can possibly get.

Facial Cleansing Brush

Businesswomen watch beauty trends and follow them too. It’s just that most often they decide to spend money on something business-related rather than themselves. That’s why you should take up this chance and gift your female hustler with a facial cleansing brush. These brushes have been in almost every beauty blogger’s video by now. If you cannot afford a full-scale spa center retreat, this brush can be a good alternative.


Nothing starts the day like a smell of a freshly grounded coffee. Make sure your businesswoman has a lot of it. And by “a lot” we mean even more. The easiest way would be to find out what coffee she already drinks and likes or you can choose something new and surprise her. The Italian Lavazza is pretty popular all around the globe for its firm taste, while Real Good Coffee acquires tremendous popularity among Amazon users. Plus, you can choose between four flavors from the lightest to the organic dark.

Fine Jewelry

Of course, Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to pop the question. No matter how business-focused your girl is, if your relationship isn’t one-month-old, she’s definitely had thoughts about the proposal now. But if engagement isn’t in your schedule just yet, get her a piece of fine jewelry that she will be able to wear at work and keep for years afterward. Something with pearls, like these White Gold Drop Cultured Pearl earrings, will fit any business attire. Plus, if you use the promo code CANCEL at the checkout, you will get a free Circle Of Life Pendant with your purchase!

What Do Women Want, Fine Jewelry

And if your budget is really low this year, cook her favorite breakfast and let her sleep longer than her usual hours. All genius gifts are simple after all.

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