Our foremothers did a good job. We wear what we want. We speak our minds. And we become what we deserve. Modern-day females have unlimited resources for thriving and development. Don’t waste time. Check these seven self-education apps that even Marie Curie would download (if she had a phone).


From math and science to psychology and art, free TED app offers more than 2,000 speeches to watch. It has many exciting and useful features like downloading videos to watch offline or bookmarking to watch later. Also, the videos have subtitles in 100+ languages. Whenever you’re driving or standing in a line and can’t read your favorite book,  you can listen to a TED talk that will immediately motivate you for a productive day. You can also watch the video from the app by connecting your phone to Chromecast or AndroidTV, then just go and do your house chores without feeling like you’re not using this time for your self-development.

2. Udacity

Always wanted to learn about website building from somebody who works at WordPress? Or learn about setting up Google Ads from a Google professional? Udacity provides you with lectures of the best professionals from the world-leading companies. The platform even includes lectures on such serious topics as data science and artificial intelligence. You just have to create an account on the website to enroll in the video courses.

3. Khan Academy


Khan Academy houses more than 6,000 lectures on history, math, psychology, and chemistry. You can sort the lectures, compile your playlists, and download them for offline playback. Moreover, it has lectures for kids too! This is a great platform to distract your child with some really useful information, instead of cartoons.

4. Skillshare

The Skillshare is the perfecy place to learn if you’re into creative professions. It has more than 26,000 classes about design, photography, business, creative writing, etc. You can watch free classes or subscribe to Premium for $15 per month. The latter provides you with unlimited access to all classes. Skillshare also has its own app downloadble on iOS and Android.

5. EdX

Can’t afford studying at your dream university? Now, you have access to the lectures of Harvard and Berkley professors for free. Computer science, web development, engineering, business management, art, language, politics, and mathematics are among the classes you can take on EdX. The platform also has mobile version, iOS and Android. The process of studying is comfortable and flexible. You can create your playlists and download lectures in advance. EdX has both free and paid courses.

6. Udemy

Udemy offers over 100,000 courses in over 50 languages to over 30 million students around the world. The only bad news about it is that many of its courses are pricey. If you’re ready to pay over $100 for a course in financial planning though, it will be a good fit for you anyway. Plus, investment in ourselves is priceless, right?

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Posted by:Tetiana Voitseshchuk