Having a website these days isn’t as essential as it was 10 years ago. Now, you can set up a Facebook business page and it might be enough for a start. But when you enter a more serious business stage, having your own website starts to seem like a good investment. Those of us who are not tech savvy and don’t want to spend too much on a website might enjoy this online tool called Strikingly.

It’s an alternative to well-known WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and many other website builders. But its top advantage is that you need absolutely zero HTML understanding to set it up. And you can set it up within a day for free! Let’s guide you through the process.

1. Choose a website template

After you register a free account, you’ll be able to find tons of themes for all sorts of businesses. The fun part is that you will actually see real websites of businesses who have already used these templates so you can get an idea on how you can customize a specific theme for your own purposes.

This Tool Will Build You A Free Website In One Day
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2. Register your domain

After you choose the template, you can click on “Edit the template” and it will get you to the editor’s admin that looks like this.

This Tool Will Build You A Free Website In One Day
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In the Settings, you should choose “Domains” and connect your future website to the domain you have already bought from a domain provider like GoDaddy or buy a domain within Strikingly. With a free plan, you get the opportunity to save and not buy a domain which will basically make your website address look like this “mybusinessname.strikingly.com”.

3. Edit website sections

Thanks to Strikingly, your website design and structure will be ready even if you don’t do any changes to it. But you obviously should do it so that it represents your brand better. Edit text easily or change the order of the blocks by dragging them up and down. Use the “Preview” button to see how your changes look. If you click on “Styles” you can either choose a completely new theme or change the basic things like your logo, brand fonts, and colors.

4. Add your own media

You can add your own videos and photos easily by just uploading them within the Strikingly admin or you can use the pre-loaded library of photos and videos available in Strikingly.


5. Edit SEO titles, add collaborators, privacy policy, view analytics

For your site to have better results via Google search, personalize your meta descriptions by accessing them easily in the Settings, SEO tab. No need to download extra plugins like you would have to do it in WordPress.

Also, you can add collaborators! It means your team members or even your virtual assistant will be able to make changes to your website if needed. You can also add a privacy policy by just writing the text in a box and Strikingly will make the Privacy Policy page for you automatically!

6. Add a store, a blog, a sign-up form, a contact form, or anything else in a click

The availability of adding all these features via the “Add new section” button is also priceless. You can set up a store easily by just connecting your PayPal account. You can also set up a blog and choose the posts’ layout according to your taste. If you have an app you want to promote on the App Store, you can insert it in your website too! If you need to set up a lead magnet and a sign-up form for it, that too can be done easily in a few clicks via the “Add new section” functionality.

This Tool Will Build You A Free Website In One Day
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7. What if you want more?

As we mentioned, if you’re okay with Strikingly domain and simple site that has a one-product store, you can use the service for free and have a website set up in a day without paying a dime. But, if you’re ready to invest, you have a variety of options to choose from. The most convenient way to use Strikingly is to pay $20 monthly for a PRO plan that will let you have your own domain, 3 websites (in case you have 3 businesses), sell up to 300 products in a store, and remove Strikingly branding. That way you’ll spend just $240 annually on a website without the need to invest a significant amount at the beginning. Also, if you’re a student with an active college email, Strikingly grants you with 3 months of free PRO plan!

Photo credit: TheHustleIsFemale

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