Working from home seems very cool until you actually start working from home. It’s been proven that people tend to procrastinate more while working from home compared to their productivity in the office. However, those who’ve been working at home forever are also saying that making your work-from-home desk space super organized can, in fact, boost your productivity to its peak level! Check out these absolute desk must-haves if you’re a busy freelancer, mompreneur or a digital nomad building your fortune from home!

Changeable letter board

Instead of buying numerous wallpapers, you can buy one changeable letter board and write quotes of your own choice and change them weekly or even daily, if you prefer. If you want this item to have even more value for your productivity, leave yourself some important reminders on the board. Let’s say, the number of squats you have to make today or even a content plan for your Facebook page.

8 Desk Essentials To Buy If You Are Working From Home
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Foot rest desk hammock

After you sit in one position for at least several hours in a row, there comes blood stagnation in your feet and legs which then causes both blood pressure fluctuations, “heavy feet”, and even back pain. If you adjust the foot hammock under your desk, you will be able to stretch your legs and keep working at your desk. This keeps you productive and ease the pressure from your feet at the same time.

Cable clips

Using binder clips to keep your cords from tangling is in the past. Now you can use these cute little bunny clips to make sure your cords are organized. You can also use them for your headphone cords!

Inspirational Water Bottle

Now, if you’re on a healthy lifestyle journey, you should know you need to hydrate well. That means drinking about half a gallon of water a day. This water bottle might just do the job reminding you to drink the needed amount of water daily. “I used to use a water app on my phone to help me in drinking more water. It did not work as I would ignore the notifications. This bottle, on the other hand, is amazing! The visual aid of it sitting in front of me with the timeline works better than anything else I’ve tried. Love the wide mouth opening so that I can add ice and the drinking spout is on point because I don’t like most water bottle drink spouts. Would recommend this bottle 100%! Love it!” one user commented on Amazon. Better try it out yourself too!

Soy candle

According to Danish people, candles can make people much calmer and happier. They even have the word “hygge” that represents the feeling of ultimate happiness. And candle lighting makes the key element of “hygge. But if you want to make sure that burning candles on your desk doesn’t harm the quality of air in your apartment, we recommend getting a soy candle. Scented or unscented, it will burn cleaner than the paraffin candles. Also, you can get a soy candle that will make you feel like you’re in a cafe, surrounded by freshly brewed coffee and pastries. And the last but not least, take a look at this herby candle that is promised to cleanse your life (or a desk space at least) from all the bad unwanted energies.

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Standing desk unit

If your back is starting to kill you after a few hours of constant sitting, the best solution is to buy yourself an easily convertible standing desk unit like this. It’s hard to stay up on your feet all day too, but when you have an opportunity to switch from your chair and be up on your feet for 30 to 40 minutes, it will increase your ability to focus and relax your spine too.

Kraft paper dispenser

Everyone is loving this one on Amazon since it’s a much more exciting alternative to the boring white plastic boards that are usually used in the offices. It can be mounted on the wall and includes a free paper roll. It’s great if you’re changing your business plans every week and need to display them to yourself for more clarity.

Clear desk trays

The key to the better organization of all your stuff is easy accessibility. If all your documents are stacked in the drawers and you don’t have them in sight, trust our words, you will be very pissed when you start spending hours looking for a specific file. Having either a plastic or a metal tray organizer is a great way to keep all your files in sight on your desk.

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