Being a stay-at-home mother doesn’t mean being left with no sources of income. It’s 2019! And virtually all you need is a laptop, Internet, several hours of your babies’ nap time, and your brain to start making money. We have talked to real mompreneurs and asked what they do to be financially independent and provide for themselves and their kids.

Start a subscription box business

A subscription box business is a great idea because it offers you stable recurring monthly income. All you have to do is think of the niche you want to work in, who you will be selling your box, and what products you will be offering in the box.

You don’t need to go to school or pass a specific course to start it. Steph Anie from Exceptional Support Box, says she only had to do thorough online research before the launch. Her business offers seasonal subscription box for kids with special needs and a self-care box for busy teachers and parents. She recommends Createjoy as the best source to learn everything you need to get started.

Another subscription box business owner, Tina Koral admits that this type of gig is much better than MLM (multi-level marketing). “Unlike an MLM, I own my company, make all of the decisions and don’t share my profits with anyone. My customers sign up and are automatically charged monthly, which makes it easy to predict my income month-to-month and lowers customer acquisition cost,” Koral says. She also adds that the cost of her business setup was quite small, which is also why she chose it.

Help as a virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can work from any part of the world which allows you not only to work from home but also travel frequently. Usually, virtual assistants help other business owners with a wide range of tasks like customer support, data entry, bookkeeping, travel arrangements, ghostwriting, etc.

Becoming a virtual assistant needs almost zero financial investment if you already have a laptop and access to the Internet. Victoria Newborn says she only spent $6 on domain and web hosting to start. Also, she praises this business niche since it offers great flexibility, income potential, and the ability to combine it with other streams of passive income, like blogs, affiliate marketing, etc. But you have to have at least certain experience in administrative work to get started so that you can offer quality services to your clients. If you want to understand this business niche better, Newborn recommends reading Virtual Savvy. “I took her course, and that was really helpful for me, but there are a ton of free resources already on her website and YouTube,” she adds.

Virtual assistants usually set the hourly rates on their own so your monthly payment depends on your rate and availability during the week. Crissy Stevens who is the virtual assistant herself, claims she started earning as soon as she secured her first client which was fast. “I now have four clients and work 10ish hours per week during naptime and bedtime so my daughter doesn’t have to wait on me to finish up work,” Stevens adds.


Teach English online

If your English language skills are amazing and you have a college degree (in any sphere), you should think about teaching English online. There are a lot of companies that accept applications from native English speakers. VIPKID, 51Talk seem to be the most popular ones. Some of the teachers say they make upwards of $2,000 a month teaching on VIPKID, according to MoneyPantry.

Kelly Pozniakas, who teaches Chinese kids English through Qkids, says that thanks to this teaching side-gig she has earned enough to start her own publishing company. Another stay-at-home mother, Carly Levingston, adds that this job gives her plenty of time to be with the family. “It’s good steady income if you can work early mornings or nights. Then you have all day to be available to your business/kids/lives,” Levingston says.

Earn on your hobbies

What are your hobbies? Knitting? Cooking? Photography? Whatever it is you can turn it into income too with relatively low costs. This is exactly what Lindsey Savola Brown, the owner of Tis So Sweet Baked Goods, did when she started baking and teaching music lessons from home.  

Savola Brown claims she started earning right away without extra costs as she was baking before and had all the needed music instruments. With the profit she made, she could invest in the development of her bakery services. While she loves baking, the music lessons prove to bring more money. Her bakery business generates about $200 monthly. “I don’t have a storefront or anything though and bake out of my home kitchen under cottage laws. The music lessons are much more lucrative for me though but I do have all of my slots filled for lessons so that is helpful.”

She doesn’t give up on the bakery yet as she’s trying to grow her customer base now with the help of the Facebook giveaways for which she has found a corporate sponsor. “I was told that the bakery would take a while to get off the ground but I am pleased with how it has gone thus far,” Brown adds.

Coach people on money

Business Insider says millennials have wealth levels 34% below where they would most likely have been if the financial crisis hadn’t occurred, making them the slowest cohort to recover from the Great Recession. And Bloomberg found that 27 percent skip medical treatments because they can’t afford them. People have hard times managing their finances these days, that’s why the demand for money coaches is blooming. So if you have experience in the banking sector or any other financial institution, it’s a high time to become a money coach without any starting investment.

Lauren Guest, a money coach herself, says one can do it without any training using the “trial and error” method. However, she has taken Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training to start. “The training was great, the resources are even better! Though it is not an open door to the biz, you definitely have to get the experience,” Guest shared with TheHustleIsFemale.

Deliver baby gear to traveling families

BabyQuip is just like Airbnb but for baby gear. It’s a platform that allows traveling families to rent baby cribs, strollers, car seats, etc. When you become a Quality Provider of BabyQuip, you become a solo entrepreneur and work from home without specific office hours. The website of the company promises an estimated rate of $40 per hour which is “one of the best rates in the gig economy”.

There are almost 400 Quality Providers across the US and Canada now, which is also great because the market isn’t oversaturated yet. When families find you through the BabyQuip platform, the only thing you need to do is to ensure timely delivery, set-up, pick-up. You also need to clean the baby equipment. There is a registration fee of $100 to start and then you can keep 80% of your rental and delivery fees. A great advantage of BabyQuip is that the platform provides the insurance for which you have to pay the monthly fee of minimum $30. You can easily register to become a Quality Provider on their website.

Of course, this is not the full list of opportunities available to you as a stay-at-home mom. After all, you have to do what can bring you both money and satisfaction. Isn’t it all about our inner peace and the pride that comes from our accomplishments?

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