Have you heard of Ayurveda yet? It’s yoga’s sister science. Basically it’s an ancient wellness system that considers your individual mind-body type to determine your personality, what type of exercise might be most beneficial for you and even which job you’d totally rock at. The word “ayur” translates as life and “veda” as science, wisdom or knowledge.

Ayurveda defines three distinct types of energy as doshas – vata, pitta, and kapha. Vata dosha is made up of ether and air.  Ether is vast, open space. It is nothingness and it is full of potential. Air is the subtle movement of energy, wind, or thoughts through the body. Pitta dosha is the combination of fire and water. Fire is heat and transformation, water is lubrication and cohesion. Kapha dosha is earth and water. The earth element is stability and form.

Every human being has all three of these doshas within us but here’s where the magic begins in understanding your unique mind-body type. Each one of us has our own special percentage of these doshas. Most people have one that is dominant. Some of us have two that are close in percentage. A small portion of the population has equal parts of all three.

These doshas can manifest in so many ways in your unique mind-body type. For example, vata types being made up of more space and air tend to have a thinner body frame and run a little bit cold. As for the mind, vata types tend to be in their heads a little more than the other dosha types which might look like getting lost in thought, having a creative vision or going down the rabbit hole like a mad scientist. Vatas have a special ability to tap into creative flow. A vata type might be best suited to look at the big picture in creating projects as well as being able to see things in ways the other dosha types just can’t see.

Pitta types tend to be medium build, run hot and have a unique ability to get things done. All of that internal fire can be focused on creating a plan of action and efficiently delegating tasks. Pitta energy can also be harnessed into making sure the details add up and nothing gets missed. It’s important to tap into the water element with pitta and make sure to be forgiving and let mishaps roll off your back.

Kapha types have thicker bones and skin, luscious hair and are generally more stable and nourishing than the other dosha types. This means kaphas excel at the day-to-day tasks that the other doshas forget about. It’s said that kaphas make the best managers and spouses.

So how can you use this info to excel in your career? First, know that everyone has access to the benefits of all three of these dosha energies, but that you will probably tend toward one a little bit easier than the others. 

One of the main principles of Ayurveda is that like attracts like and opposites create balance. So for example, when you are looking to channel the creative energy of vata dosha you can access that through other creative pursuits.

Have you ever been stuck on something and then moved your body through dance or a yoga flow? That creative movement tends to help the mind think creatively and see things in a new light. Painting, journaling, drawing, cooking, baking and flower arranging are just a few of the many ways you can tap into your creativity to activate that potential energy which will then manifest into how you think about your business and career. 

Likewise, recognizing low fire energy at work could be dragging your feet on a decision, avoiding tasks that need to be done or avoidance in general. Going for a brisk walk, reaching out to a mentor or someone that motivates you, signing up for that class whether it’s kickboxing or business are all ways to activate your fire. What you do for your body will affect your mind. What’s happening in your personal life will show up in your career. 

Kapha energy provides sustainable energy. Vatas have higher highs and lower lows. Pitta energy burns and creates powerful transformation when in full effect, but it is the nourishment of kapha that keeps things going. When you feel exhausted or burned out, it’s time to tap into the lubrication and healing energy of water and earth. Get your feet in dirt or sand, walk in nature or give yourself an ayurvedic self-massage with your favorite organic scented oil. You are in it for the long haul and need to treat your mind and body accordingly.

Written by our contributor Angela Perger. Angela used Ayurveda to self-heal from ulcerative colitis, hypothyroidism, and a rare autoimmune liver condition. She now shares how you can apply the ancient science of Ayurveda into your own life on The Simple Ayurveda Podcast and through group courses and individual mentoring. Join her Facebook group or follow along on Instagram. Become our contributor too! Apply here.
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