An efficient workplace is a profitable one. If your team is working well and getting the job done quickly, then chances are this will translate to the improved potential for bringing in more money. This is simple economics. But, there are so many businesses that struggle to achieve the type of productivity that they need to drive them towards their actual earning potential. 

In order to achieve workplace efficiency, you need to look at the way that you recruit, manage, and motivate your team. If your employees, on the whole, are not performing the way that you want them to, the fault probably doesn’t lie with them. There is probably a problem in the way that you are managing them or communicating with them. 

Here are some tips on managing your team better in order to improve their motivation and performance. 

Give Your Employees The Basics

In Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, we need to feel safe and secure before we can achieve what we want in life. If your employees do not feel job security then this will affect their performance. They need to know that they are safe working for you and that they are not going to be out of a job for no reason at all. They also need to know that you have their health and wellbeing in your thoughts. By making sure that you are taking care of areas such as employee health benefits, you will find that your team respects you and appreciate you more. And, they will feel secure enough to get on with their work without having to worry about health or job security. 

Using Positive Reinforcement 

If you want people to perform well, you need to reward good behaviour. If your employees get praise for doing a job well, they will go out and do that again. And, as a result, they will become more motivated.  If they feel reprimanded constantly, you will only get the bare essentials out of them. They will fear you and the authority of the company, and they will want to leave. 

Retaining Good Employees

If you have a problem retaining good employees, it may be because you are not offering them what they need from their jobs. We are all motivated by different things, and it is important to understand exactly what drives your staff. 

Sit down with them and find out what they want. Financial motivation may well be key for some employees, however, for others, you might find that they are more interested in their own personal development. This might mean challenging them, giving them responsibility, and above all else, taking the time to teach them new skills and helping them to develop as people. 

Saying Thank You 

If your employees do not feel appreciated, they will feel demotivated. They do the work, and the company bosses reap the rewards. That’s how they will start to see it. This is not a healthy outlook and it won’t breed productivity. Make sure you show them that they are appreciated by thanking them often.


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