Being a woman in business is tough, and that hasn’t changed half as much as we would like it to in recent years. Even seemingly ‘female-led’ industries like beauty fall foul to top job holdings by males, despite a 95% female workforce. That’s a shocking contradiction in an industry that targets the vast majority of its products towards women, and it’s one that only female entrepreneurs willing to step outside their comfort zone can shake.

Frontrunning women like Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder have made the most significant ripples in the industry across history. And, while many women may fear backlash by entering the beauty field, these ladies and others like them have left some fantastic advice when it comes to making real ripples. In fact, they’ve proven time and again that women interested in the beauty world should never hesitate to get started.

Before you do, though, keep reading to find out what exactly you can learn from the best female entrepreneurs that have filled those beauty counters before you. 

Do things differently

Many outsiders may consider you a cliche as a female beauty entrepreneur but, as countless women have already realized, doing things differently can change that. Something as simple as a brand new product could be enough to prove that you deserve your place on this market. Taking the time to boost your knowledge of alternative beauty methods at the School of Natural Skincare or similar can also help you to break those bindings. Far from seeming cliched, these efforts alone will put you up there with the top female beauty names and will help you to carve a well-deserved place in even this competitive, male-led industry. 

Don’t be afraid to use your knowledge

Women know makeup like nobody else, and you shouldn’t be afraid to highlight that. Too often, women in beauty attempt to tone things down, or are scared to admit their unique knowledge. But, do you think Elizabeth Arden was worried about shouting loud when she knew a thing or two? Of course, not. This was a woman who realized that her knowledge put her above those men who assumed their places in the room. And, that gave her untold power. So, believe in yourself, and believe that you know more about what you’re doing here than even the bigshots you’re dealing with. 

Allow yourself to be a role model

In beauty as in many industries, female entrepreneurs can fall into the trap of toning things down and sticking to ‘male-friendly’ boardroom suits, etc. But, if you’re to stand up with the best, you mustn’t be afraid to step aside from the crowd. This is what will make you a role model to both consumers and your team and is, ultimately, what will help you sell. Whatever you do, never fade into the background. While it may seem easier in the face of industry sexism, it’s no way to make the well overdue changes here.


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