An online merchant account is essential if you want to take payments via the Internet, which most companies do nowadays. Without an online merchant account, you will miss out on a phenomenal amount of potential customers. 

Most customers wish to pay using their credit or debit card. Whilst online payment gateways may be popular, card payment is undoubtedly the primary means of payment. It is consequently imperative to give your customers the full scope of payment options if you are to reap optimum sales from your e-store. 

There is no denying that companies who choose the best online merchant account providers will gain a competitive advantage over rival businesses when they start processing credit cards. There are lots of benefits to be gained, as you will soon discover. Yet, you will only reap the rewards of these if you choose your secure payment process provider with great care. 

So, what benefits can you obtain with an online merchant account? Firstly, you will gain from a wide scope of online payment processing options. Not only does this include all of the major credit and debit cards, but also personal online accounts, such as Moneybookers and PayPal. This enables your customers to pay via a method they prefer. 

Moreover, not everyone has a Visa or a Mastercard! By limiting your payment options you are limiting your profit potential at your business, as certain people will be excluded from purchasing via your e-store. An online merchant account lets you accept payment in a variety of currencies, further enhancing the scope of your consumer base. 

Security is another huge benefit. Whilst shopping online is now the norm, individuals are skeptical, and rightly so.  An online merchant account presents a secure online payment option, which reassures customers that you are trustworthy. You will also be able to keep track of transactions, which is great for evaluation. 

You now know why online merchant accounts are so important, however, if you want to maximize your competitive advantages you need to choose wisely from all of the online payment processing companies. 

Look for a company boasting a vast assortment of services and a global reach. What makes their service different from the rest should be their bespoke approach. They certainly should not operate via a one-size-fits-all approach. They should work with you to ensure you find the right systems for your needs and they should use the latest cutting edge technology to deliver superior and secure payment processing services. 

From SMEs to huge retail companies, make sure the company has the capabilities to handle all unique requirements. Their service should be fully scalable as well, which gives you the perfect platform for growth and ensures you benefit from the most cost-effective solution. 

Look for a company whereby their service doesn’t end once the transactions are complete. They may also assist with back-office reports and reconciliations. Accurate reporting figures are available if they create a stream of internalized workflows after every purchase. This gives you the perfect platform for growth, as you are able to assess your e-commerce performance.


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