Getting people interested in your business isn’t just about marketing but it’s about creating some sense of intrigue, inside and out. When you are trying to keep motivated in-house but also make sure that your marketing prowess is working wonders, finding the right way to attract people into your business, whether it’s customers, stakeholders, or employees means you’ve got to work on the law of attraction to create intrigue. But what can you do to make this effective?

Highlight Your Expertise

It’s impossible to be a jack of all trades these days, although many markets demand that you be skilled in so many different areas, but in order to appeal to potential employees or customers, you’ve got to define what it is you are good at, and now is the time to get the right help in order to show potential clients or customers that you have this expertise to take your business to new heights. There is never any shame in asking for help when it comes to highlighting your attributes, because it helps you to shout it loud. Companies like work with numerous businesses to create a tactical business development plan so you can highlight your skills. If you’re good at something you need to shout it from the rooftops! Create videos and make the message the absolute front and center of your content.

Solving Customer Problems

When you focus on a problem that the customer has and you endeavor to solve it through the product you provide you need to remember that these problems are only in the minds of prospective customers. Remember, it’s not about marketing a product but it’s about addressing the needs of your target audience. There are numerous websites that can allow you to deal with customer complaints on a very visceral level like on

Building Trust

If you want to create intrigue in your business it’s not necessarily about cloak and dagger operations. Firstly you need to make sure you put everything out there. Ultimately, you want an advantage over your competition but in order to show what you have to offer, you’ve got to avoid protecting yourself in many ways. Shouting out what makes you unique will give prospective customers exactly what they need. Once you understand how to do this, you need to be authentic and this will build trust between you and the intended recipient. Whether it is a customer, a stakeholder, or a potential employee, if you want people to be intrigued by what your business has to offer, being truthful is the most important thing of all.

We need people to be interested in our business and we need to attract the right sort of interest. We build our business upon relationships and we need to bring people into a way of thinking by being attractive. 


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