If there is one thing that the world is doing right these days it’s inclusivity. We are slowly learning to accept each other for who we are. While we still have a long way to go in some respect, one industry, in particular, that is rapidly changing is the fashion industry.

For years, we saw anorexia glorified, with thinness in the extreme being lauded as the perfect way to look. We saw gaunt faces and clothes made specifically for women who are unachievably thin and small. Trying to find clothes that fit all body types? Not an easy thing to do. If you are looking at starting your own fashion business, then you’ll quickly learn that the best way to gain popularity is to ensure that your business is the most inclusive out there. If you want your fashion business to break the mold, let’s take a look at how you can be as inclusive as possible.

Get help from everyone in your team

One of the things you’ll learn about the fashion business is that it changes rapidly. One minute you’ll be dealing with models and the next you’ll be talking to other designers. You need to ensure that every single person in your team is involved in the creative process, and asking everyone for ideas is the perfect way to include them all. It doesn’t matter what skill level someone is at, asking them for help is smart! You won’t be able to be exclusive with your range if you’re not including the opinions and insight of people of all pay grades.

Change up your working environment

Shutting out departments with walls and offices is not a good idea. Just like leaving out the plus-size mannequins in favor of the smaller sizes is. You need to be able to cater to people and appeal to them directly, so make sure that you are including into your operations everyone in the office.

At business meetings, appeal to everyone

The fashion industry isn’t just about women, but men, too. You need to ensure that you are using the right preferred pronouns in the way you address people, and you need to make sure that your language is inclusive when talking to both men and women. Those mannequins you use won’t just be female, either, as you need to consider people from all backgrounds rather than those only born female. This is where you need a variety of opinions in your business meetings and that you appeal to people of all backgrounds.

Never make assumptions

The worst thing that you can do in your business is make assumptions about other people and this leads to fallouts and misunderstandings. Keep an open mind and make sure that you are working hard to keep everyone in your business at all levels in the loop.


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