Marketing has changed so much in the last five years that it’s tough to keep up with the latest trends and techniques. Therefore, the idea of using emotions to connect with customers and boost lead generation and sales may be grinding a bit. Can’t you create a product or service and sell it as you used to in the good old days?

You can try, but shoppers are different in 2020. They need a link to the item before they are willing to open their wallets. So, you may say you must encourage them to open their hearts first. 

Here are four tactics your business can use that focus on emotional marketing.

Use UX

UX stands for User Experience, and is sometimes commonly referred to as ‘User Research.’ Profiling shoppers is a technique that has been around for decades, in some form or another. Today, however, the theories and concepts are more technical, which is why a user research guide is always a smart investment. Gone are the days of surveys and questionnaires as they’ve been replaced with A/B testing and click streaming. Still, if you get to grips with these tools, you will be able to understand your base more intimately, allowing you to provide relatable products.

Don’t eliminate buying options

It’s tempting to say that everybody shops online and focus on your eCommerce store. The problem with this logic is that it’s a massive generalization that pigeonholes people without any information whatsoever. Even worse, it removes the emotion out of the buying process for specific demographics. Records, for instance, are outdated thanks to streaming services, yet a collector will love the experience of going to the shop, smelling the aromas, and having the disc in their hands. And, that’s without factoring in the superior sound. 

Never overthink price

Rational sense won’t always drive a person to make a purchase, which is why your prices don’t have to be on the low side. A movie buff could easily stream a film online for much less money than buying it online or in a store, yet they continue to fork out for less popular products. Why? It’s because paying a little extra isn’t a problem as long as they get the experience they desire. With that in mind, it may pay to spend extra on the packaging and charge more as it could instantly make a connection with shoppers. You have to decide whether you can recoup the investment in the future.

Relieve anxiety

There is a saying in the industry that you ‘must solve a problem’ to grab customer’s attention. This is true, but maybe not in the sense you imagine. Your product or service won’t attract them because they want it in their lives as this is hardly the case. Instead, it’s about using it to relieve frustration and tension. From food to beauty products and clothes, the items fill a gap – shoppers’ anxiety levels.

So, can you create a marketing message that concentrates on solving an emotional issue?


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