Erica Nicole, founder of YFS magazine, believes that ‘The glass ceiling that once limited a woman’s career path has paved a new road towards business ownership.’

Indeed, the rise of the female entrepreneur is well underway. The business world has gradually become less hostile and more accessible for female leaders. Regardless, there are still inequalities to stand against and plenty more room for progress. According to The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), 9.5% of men worldwide own and operate an established company, compared with 6.2% of women. To drive the progress of women in business, we can all make a difference if we collectively seek to support female entrepreneurship.

Support organizations

Several organizations offer support to women in business, and you can be a part of the fantastic work that they do by donating to these causes. One of the most well-known organizations is the ‘ National Association Of Women Business Owners’. The NAWBO has been helping women in business for over forty years, representing females across all industries in the USA. ‘Ladies Who Launch’ is another excellent organization which works to help provide female entrepreneurs with various educational tools to help them begin their journey. Ladies Who Launch offers plenty of free docs on the website which can be used to create contracts and business plans, as well as sample legal documents for reference.

Shop female-owned 

Perhaps the easiest way you can support female companies is by making a conscious effort to buy their products and use their services. In 2020, Femtech startups are really trending. These are female technology companies who are creating products that cater to women’s needs, (particularly health needs). To support femtech, there are many products you can buy for yourself or a female friend. One example of a femtech startup is ‘Emjoy’, a service offering apps and audio guides designed to facilitate a journey of sexual gratification and happiness. ‘Peanut’ is another great app, which allows mothers to chat with one another and meet up with or without their children.


Now, perhaps you are a female entrepreneur yourself, and in this case, you can support aspiring business women by acting as a mentor. The Cherie Blair Foundation For Women pairs female entrepreneurs, (primarily from middle or low-income countries) with mentors from all over the world. The program allows mentors to meet these women online, and help them to work on their business goals. 

In the words of Deborah Francis White (The Guilty Feminist), ‘ Doors that may be traditionally open to you may be padlocked to someone else.’ If we want to truly support female entrepreneurs, we have to use the privileges and successes that we obtain. The areas where women are underrepresented are often the most important industries to support. Perhaps you know a female in the trucking profession, and would like to Refer a Driver To Knight Transportation? Maybe instead you have a contact who can help women to pursue coding skills? Seek to support women in any way you can, using the resources that are available to you personally. 


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