So, you’ve spent a long time developing your first product. It’s been through several design stages, you’ve patented it, you’ve got the funding, the factories are ready to make it. What next?

You’ve put a lot of effort into getting your product made. Now it’s nearly here, you don’t want to bring it to market in a way that doesn’t capture the attention of your potential customers. 

You need great packaging.

Your packaging should not just be an afterthought. Product design is one of the most important elements in selling a product, particularly once it reaches the shelves of the stores. 

But how do you create great packaging for your product?

Let’s discuss how to make your products jump off the shelf. 

Make it visual 

One of the first things that a customer is going to see about your product is the packaging design. You need to make sure it stands out and is representative of the product that is inside. 

Think about:

  • The demographic of your customers
  • Where the item will be stocked
  • How it will sit on the shelves
  • What other products will be beside it

Do lots of market research. Look at the best selling products in the category. See what they do well, but learn from their mistakes. Remember though, that your packaging needs to be unique.

Ideally, you should recruit a designer or a design agency to handle the creation of your packaging. However, even if you do this, you still need to provide them with a brief. 

Find a company that will make the packaging for you. For example, you may want to look at a company such as this one:

Make it practical 

Think about the practicalities of your product design. How will it sit on the shelf? Think of the type of retailer that will be stocking your item, what is their usual shelving configuration? Do they place products on hooks?

Oddly shaped product packaging can prove problematic for in-store merchandising. Consider that if your packaging is prone to falling over on the shelf that will impact sales. 

Consider how easy it will be for your customers to take the item out of the packaging. If there is a lot of string or screws attaching the product in place, this may well keep the item fixed in place during transit, but it will cause considerable annoyance to customers removing it from the box. 

Consider the environmental impact 

Businesses need to be sustainable. Make sure all of your product’s packaging can be recycled.

By creating product packaging that can be recycled, you will be reducing your environmental impact and making life easier for your customers. 

Do your best to make your packaging entirely out of recycled materials. 

While improving your sustainability and lowering your carbon footprint should be on a priority for any business, it is becoming something that more and more consumers are looking for when they decide on which product to buy. 


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