There are so many terms to get your head around in marketing these days. Often, it feels like you need an entire dictionary to hand just to get your head around things. After all, the more recent marketing buzzwords you’re familiar with, the better chance you have at keeping on top of the competition and getting consumers to look your way.

One such buzzword of the times is ‘gamification,’ a technique that the best businesses on the market are knee-deep in at the moment. This term, which largely describes itself, is providing an irresistible pull for consumers that might have once walked on by. Even better, there are countless ways to implement it into your marketing, including gamification-based emails or even QR codes as available from Flowcode, which send customers straight to the game of choice. Finally, it’s a fun way to approach your advertising, and it’s guaranteed to take your business further. 

Of course, as with any new marketing approach, you’ll want to consider the benefits before you spend money here. Game development isn’t always cheap, after all, and, though this seems like fun, there are no guarantees. Luckily, gamification is popular for a reason right now, as can be seen from these primary benefits. 

Increased engagement

The first benefit of this clever tactic is, of course, increased engagement. In fact, getting consumers to sit up and notice marketing has likely never been easier than when there’s a catchy game attached. Whether you implement this as a pop-up on your webpage or an embedded part of your emails, you can bet that people just won’t be able to help themselves from having a go. And, once they’ve started, the chances are they’ll become invested in whatever promised reward is on offer. In other words, they’ll become engaged with your brand, which is precisely what you want.

Increased conversions

Along the same lines, gamification done right can go a long way towards increasing your conversions. That’s got to be good news considering that sales are precisely what your marketing drive is all about. You can especially make sure of this by offering things like discounts, free shipping, or loyalty perks for any winners. Even if they didn’t intend to buy, the benefit of money off as a reward makes it far more likely that they’ll start browsing what’s on offer. And, once they do that, your chances at completion increase ten-fold. 

Positive associations

It’s also well worth noting that gamification marketing is pretty unique in providing you with positive associations. Most marketing drives do, after all, have something of an eye-rolling inevitability about them. But, by providing marketing thinly disguised as a fun game, consumers are more likely to develop a decent opinion. They’re undoubtedly sure to appreciate your efforts more than they would a standard, shameless marketing push.

It’s plain to see why top brands from Lacoste through to Domino’s are pushing the gamification approach right now. Perhaps it’s past time that you let loose and did the same.


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