In life, and in business, we’re told that if we want to improve and grow, we need to learn from our mistakes. We all make mistakes, and we’re encouraged to believe that it’s ok as long as we learn from them instead of simply making them regrets. Even mistakes can be positive as long as we learn from them, move on, and improve our performance in the future. 

But, it’s often easier said than done. We never intend to make mistakes, and they usually happen quickly before we really get the time to think. Then, there’s no time to assess and reflect before moving on to the next thing. 

Learning from mistakes, however difficult, is crucial if you want to improve. It can give your experiences value and encourage new ways of thinking. This doesn’t just stop you from making the same mistakes in the future; it also improves your problem-solving skills and makes you a better teacher and manager. It can also reveal strengths and weaknesses in both yourself and the people around you. 

Acknowledge them

Acknowledging your mistakes and admitting that you have made them isn’t always easy. But, you’ll never learn from them if you can’t. When something goes wrong, be honest with yourself, even if it means asking yourself difficult questions. And, remember, even if the mistake wasn’t yours, you might be able to learn from it. 

Investigate the cause of your mistake

So, you’ve admitted that you’ve made a mistake, but why did you make it? Can you identify the thought processes that led to you making the wrong decision or taking the wrong action? Sometimes, it will be obvious, and on other occasions, you’ll have to work back through your actions step by step, to identify where and why it went wrong.

Ask for advice

Whether the reasons for your mistake are clear, or less obvious, asking for advice, or enlisting the help of a consultant from ClearFuze Networks, Inc. can be a big help. Ask other people what they would have done, and learn from them.  

Don’t be hard on yourself

Admitting that you’ve made a mistake doesn’t mean that you have to punish yourself, or lose confidence in your own abilities. Remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes and that you are doing your best not to repeat them. 

Make it easier for yourself

Sometimes it’s easier to make a mistake than not to. For example, you might announce that you are going to save money by taking a packed lunch to work. But, then you get up late, you don’t have anything to make, and you end up buying lunch because it’s easier. You’ve gone back on your good intentions. 

If you were to make your lunch the night before or get up earlier, and if you put lunch items on your shopping list, it would be easier to follow through with the promise that you made yourself. Whether your mistakes are at work or in your home life, try to put steps in place to make it easier to avoid them in the future. 

Often, the first step to learning from your mistakes is making the time to do so. Give yourself a chance to reflect, even if you can’t do it immediately. 


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