Whether you were ready for it or not, 2020 has become the year of the remote revolution. It’s been in the wings for a while, but pandemic lifestyle changes have meant that companies across the board have had to implement this modern working method. And, despite some initial setbacks, many of them are finding that it’s not the leap they expected. In fact, frontrunners like Google and Facebook have found remote work so achievable that they’ve announced staff should work from home until the end of the year. And they certainly aren’t alone!

The chances are that you, too, have seen the benefits of even this temporary remote focus, including the fact that your team is up to 35-40% more productive when working this way. That’s fantastic news, and it’s a benefit that probably has you making remote plans for the long-term. There’s just one question – should you keep an office space open despite ongoing remote efforts?

Honestly, there’s no easy answer here. Given that saving money is a substantial remote perk, there’s certainly an argument for ditching the office you’ve got. But, pay-monthly co-working areas like those you can find here still offer plenty of benefits for a remote team. To prove it, we’re going to look at some of them here. 

The power of personal choice

Ongoing office access provides your employees with a choice to work however suits. While this may not be an option right now, the ability to get back into the office when they’re able could still see some people flourishing from this new work freedom. This is especially important considering that the majority of employees only report wanting to work some of the time remotely. Many would still benefit from the choice of a bustling and busy office environment some days of the week. 

A professional client setting

There will also come times when you need to offer a professional setting for clients meetings. The only guaranteed way to ensure consistent professionalism in this sense is to host such meetings in a sustainable and office-based environment. This way, you can ensure those clients always meet with you at one, trusted address. You can also tailor the space to reflect your brand and a professional image that you’d struggle to achieve otherwise. 

Collaborations on demand

Let’s not forget that physical offices are unbeatable in terms of collaborative opportunities. No teamwork-led remote programs will even come close to competing. As such, you should also keep your office for days when team members need to work together on projects. Even if they operate from home the rest of the time, the ability to come together for discussions/meetings ensures the best possible results from even multi-team work efforts. 

Is remote work here to stay? Quite possibly, and many would argue that it’s past time, too. But, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can ditch the office altogether. As you can see, you would only be doing yourself a disservice by even attempting such a thing.


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