Every business needs radical honesty.

Why? Because business owners juggle lots of things, take massive action and push their limits on a daily basis but despite all this, they often end up stuck in a vicious cycle with long hours and no bright colours on the horizon.

We buy into a lot of stuff from our environment, media, friends and family who want what’s good for us but don’t know what it takes to succeed in entrepreneurship. The key step in disentangling all of this is to be radically honest with yourself. So, have a look in the mirror and don’t blame, just acknowledge.

What are the most common lies we tell ourselves?

I need to have the perfect product or service

I wish it were true but the perfect product and the perfect service are a myth.

Many of us fall into this trap because of our own perfectionism: we spend a lot of time and money in getting world class certifications, we invest long hours in polishing our skills or designing “the special product.”

The fear of a poor launch is keeping us away from the market. Perfectionism works as a brake: we forget that the process should be messy and that even big brands fail miserably. If you are in such a situation, know that good is better than perfect.

Build it and they will come

This has a lot in common with the above lie because, if we get stuck in building the perfect product, we most probably neglect important aspects of the business such as sales and marketing. What we have been working on relentlessly becomes a best kept secret. So ask yourself every morning: How can I reach more people?

I do it for passion and I have really good intuition. Therefore, I don’t need structure 

Intuition is a gift: having the courage to give our intuition credit is a key ingredient in business and it can definitely be a game changer. The lie we tell ourselves here is that we underestimate the power of organization and planning and the importance of having proven systems in place. 

On the other hand, passion is the fire propelling us into running a business. But fire can burn us out literally if we are not grasping the consequences of stepping into our entrepreneurial role. 

I often like to use themetaphor of a car here: the passion is the fuel, the systems are your engine, your intuition is your GPS and YOU are in the driving seat. Never neglect any of the parts. If you have all the ingredients mentioned above, roll up your sleeves and make them work together as a team, otherwise you end up having an expensive hobby.

It takes too long 

We forget there is a season for everything and we want to rush things. In fact, it is often expected of us to have quick magic results. But entrepreneurship is a long term game so we need to honour the cycle we are in.

It’s working for everybody else but not for me 

The EGO is extremely scared of change and works its best to keep us in our comfort zones.  If you know you are doing the work, including that with yourself, then your EGO realizes that its power is diminishing and that you are becoming the captain of your ship. This is definitely not the time to stop because you are making authentic progress. So keep your EGO in check.

I take massive action

Do you know the feeling of spinning too many plates with no results at the end of the day? If you do, you are busy but not productive. It is because you bought into the idea that you have to do everything yourself, go everywhere and let everyone know about your business. In fact, scattering your energy like this is one of the main causes leading to overwhelm and stress.

Strategic and inspired action is the key here and you are often required to have a lot of courage to cut through the noise and give up on all the unnecessary things, including spending too much time on social media or attending certain events.

I am not good enough

No one is really good enough, prepared enough or skilled enough when starting a business. No one has the money, the clients or the proper mindset. Last but not least, success is never a straight line but a journey full of twists and turns.

As women, we underestimate our abilities. We sabotage our growth each time we lose sight of our potential. We work really hard but we forget to look back and see how far we’ve come. We give a lot to other people but we don’t take the time to have heart-to-heart discussions with our hopes and dreams. We deceive ourselves by not looking at things for what they really are and this is really expensive in the long run. Starting to play the self-honesty card was a crucial point in my journey. Despite it being tough, it led me to a deeper connection with myself and to more authenticity in my message. It takes a lot of courage but it is worth it.  Stay committed to your truth and don’t be afraid to share it!


Written by our contributoPatricea Pop, a coach and NLP practitioner. Patricea helps women business owners to accelerate business growth by developing a winning mindset and self-leadership skills. Follow Patricea on Facebook and InstagramBecome our contributor too! Apply here.
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