A busy lawyer in the midst of the bustling city of London, Angela Foster was confident that hard work and resilience were the key to unlocking nearly every goal in life. And life was proving it to be true.

In her 20s, Angela was working for one of the top London law firms, overseeing multinational deals across different time zones, hence the crazy work hours and lots of coffee. Later, as she joined another large firm, she was put on a track to become a partner by the age of 30. 

Around the same time, she was starting to think about having children one day, however, doctors concluded that was one area out of her control. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis. Some days, the pain was strong and she had to push through it, struggling to walk, while still trying to keep up with revenue targets required for becoming a partner. 

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During one of such episodes, visiting a hospital resulted in the emergency surgery.

“That was the first time I realized that I had something chronic. The first lightbulb that made me question if I was taking care of myself and if there was a way I could be better at it. Yet, I still need to push to make the partnership in my firm. Looking back, I know that this was the time I burned out and set myself up for a post-natal depression that was to follow.”

Dealing with post-surgery healing, planning a family and working long hours – all got mixed up. Two months after the surgery she felt pregnant, despite the prognosis of doctors. She became a partner in May and went on maternity leave in June. 

In the next 4 years, she became a mom of three, which was a wonderful gift but also threw her into a terrible postnatal depression.

Point of no return

Angela felt like her body was playing a trick on her, throwing one challenge after another, suggesting she was not really in control of her life. After she had her daughter, the youngest of three kids, things went downhill quickly and she was referred to psychiatrist and put on bipolar medication. 

In 2014, she hit the rock bottom, rushed into a hospital, away from her kids, diagnosed with double pneumonia. There, she started shifting her views. For the first time, she felt like she was no longer rushing to tick all the boxes of success and had some time to think. 

It was that day when Angela decided to put her curious mind to learn more about her health, hormones and energy levels. She understood that if she wanted to be there to see her kids grow up, understanding her body and supporting her health was not an option, but a necessity. With the same enthusiasm she used to examine every page in her law books, she started studying her own body, holistic health, and DNA science. It was a strange moment of calm and clarity, and as her mind changed, her bloodwork showed improvements.

In the next few years, Angela enrolled in the institute of integrative nutrition, went through a personal training course, studied DNA testing, became a nutritional therapist and went through other courses by industry leaders. 

Photo credit: Angela Foster

Step by step, her own health and hormones were coming into balance.

While emerging herself deeply into health and nutrition study, Angela started to realize, it was labeled normal for a mother to feel tired and depressed. Somehow, health issues were becoming a standard conversation topic among her 30-something friends. Everyone seemed to be fine with the fact that they were running through their days on low energy. 

First clients

She started by sharing what she was learning with her circle of friends, getting first coaching clients through the word of mouth. An evident story of her health transformation journey served as a door opener, scientific approach and solid research base behind all the health hacks helped to build trust. She soon hired help to create her very first website and started presenting at some local events.

“I was getting quite a lot of interest in my health coaching from local networking. Then I realised I was not building a local – I needed to go bigger which meant I needed to go online”. 

Angela realised that breaking into a completely new industry of online business required a new set of skills and knowledge. Between online business courses, private mentoring and all the courses she took educating herself on health, nutrition, and DNA science she probably spent what an average UK student pays for a 4-year university degree. Other business costs were negligible in comparison to gaining expertise in a whole new area plus learning how to successfully offer the expertise online. 

The investment started paying off with the launch of Angela’s first online course “Introduction to biohacking”  where she shared different areas of life that influence your overall health, weight, immunity, such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindset, flexibility. 

As a former lawyer, searching for evidence was deeply ingrained into her character, so she never stopped at the holistic side of natural healing, engaging DNA science, epigenetic, and deeply researching every method she was to offer to her clients.

She also found a demographic that seemed to appreciate her science-driven results-oriented approach. 

C-level executives were the most frequent customers for her health coaching business. At some level, they would fall into a similar trap where their health and level of energy becomes the only thing standing in the way of business growth. 

Now, Angela is working on a book that will take the fundamental principles of having a high-performance healthy lifestyle and put it into simple steps for anyone to follow.

Photo credit: Angela Foster

Science of epigenetic, that’s at the core of Angela’s health coaching philosophy, suggests that, while not being able to change genetics, we are capable of optimizing the expression of our genes, by optimizing our environment and finding individual solutions for fitness, nutrition, and sleep, becoming CEOs of our health.

Angela’s business transforms the lives of her clients and her family gets to experience all the benefits of a mother who is a healthy living expert. 

“I believe structure and discipline create freedom. The more clarity I have on my work schedule weeks ahead, the more room I have for my children. I also make my kids a part of my business, they always know what I’m working on. We do workouts together and work on our health. Of course, they make fun of me, but also they do understand the benefits of practices I teach”.


Written by our contributor Natasha Zo. Natasha is a former journalist from a frozen Siberia turned freelance writer and an international media relations specialist. After 5 years as a print journalist, she embarked on a journey of a global entrepreneur in Central America, Eastern Europe, and South-East Asia. As a digital marketer, storyteller, and media professional she helped many authors and entrepreneurs to score that Amazon bestseller title, shine their light on national TV, and elevate their brand through the power of stories. As a founder of digital agency, she is always on a lookout of powerful stories, that inspire readers to move one step ahead with their health, self-care, mindset, or beliefs. Natasha is currently traveling the world, with a slightly overweight suitcase and lots of curiosity for new people and places. You can follow Natasha on Facebook and Instagram. Become our contributor too! Apply here.

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