With social media exploding onto the millennial scene a decade ago, businesses have cottoned on to the power it has to market their brand and increase their customer base. Honing your online presence through the power of social media is an art form. Anyone can have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, but it is how you use it that is the most important thing. You can connect with people who already love your company or with new potential customers who are thinking of doing business with you. Digital marketing through social media is ideal for new startups, as it is cheap and effective. Take a look at how you can master the art of social media for business.

Be analytical

The goal of increasing traffic to your website is viable, but it needs to be more quantitative. To measure your outcomes, you need a metric. Consider using a percentage to hone your aims and make them more impactful. Ensure that you utilize Google Analytics as a basis for your social media strategy. Here, you can work out the pages that your customers land on when directed from social media. This can inform your social media content when thinking about how to create greater brand exposure.

You need to harness the power of SEO when it comes to your social media. Ensure that you post with relevant keywords and hashtags. If you aren’t au fait with the world of Facebook or Twitter, consider outsourcing this function to an off-site social media manager.


The highly visual photo posting site was once seen as the go-to social media platform for creatives. Here, you could display your wares, artwork, graphics, and illustrations to the masses. Many people chose to utilize Instagram as their number one sales point rather than directing interested parties to a website. This tapped into a millennial trend of connecting with a company or individual on a more informal level. Instagram is now seen as a feasible platform for many industries. With the emergence of Instagram Stories, you can play around with audible and visual content. You don’t have to be an achingly cool graphic design firm to utilize this. Even an accountancy firm can attract followers.

Build relationships

Utilize social media to network with other companies as well as your customer base. By making contacts, you can consider working with fellow small businesses to create more diverse products and to reach different markets. By developing relationships with potential customers, you can communicate over time rather than going for any sort of hard sell. This is not the optimum sales tactic of the twenty-first century. If a potential new customer engages with a post and comments, engage back. This could be a lead that could result in a sale or two. As your following grows online, you can produce content that is even more shareable, meaning that your brand receives even more exposure.

If you are keen to bring your business into the twenty-first century, follow this guide and master the art of social media for your startup.


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