Focus is good, right? We have been trained to think a clear and focused mind creates success. But if that’s the case, why are so many of us not able to do it at all yet still become successful? For years, I have tried to meditate or empty my head through various practices. What I have learnt through these experiences is that my head is a weird place, and most normal practices don’t work. Maybe you can relate?

I have found that the harder I try most of these mindfulness techniques the more stressed out and scatterbrained I get. I need a different perspective. So I started embracing my head for the weird jumpy scatterbrained place it is. The more I relaxed into it and stopped trying so hard, the more I could harness the ideas floating around my head and make them happen.

I learned to work with myself instead of constantly fighting against what was natural for me. And don’t we work hard enough as it is?

5 Mindsets Successful Scatterbrained Entrepreneurs Have

You’re on the go

It’s easier to segway into a good idea if you have already started moving. If you are someone who is more relaxed or gets ideas when you’re in motion, make sure you factor that into your day. A friend of mine has a waterproof pad in her shower and another one records voice notes while walking. What would work for you?

Adapt easily

If you’re used to jumping from thought to thought, you can also change your mind as easily. This helps you adapt to the ever-changing business climate. You are more likely to be pragmatic rather than hold onto old ideas.

Whenever you are thrown a new challenge or perspective, ask yourself:

  • Does this apply to me?
  • How can I use this to my advantage?

Get more done

Multi-taskers know having more things to do is not the enemy, boredom is. That constant allure of having the next thing within reach means that they are always reaching forwards for more, rather than the somewhat empty and dissatisfied feeling completion brings when there is no next step.  

Ask yourself “What’s next for me?” Keep looking forward and harness your multi-tasking behavior for motivation.

Superpower for knowing when to change

When you start feeling stuck, you don’t know where you can go next. This is a callout for change. If you don’t take a break now you will get stuck on repeat. It’s your signal that you are on the lookout for new and haven’t chosen something yet.

Another indication you need to change something is when you feel like you’re watching paint dry in a certain project. Forcing yourself to continue while feeling like this is the primary way we squash our ideas flat instead of leaving them be for a moment and moving our attention to something else so we don’t overwork our ideas.

Ask yourself “What can I change here?” This is the time not to force yourself to continue on the same path. Take a break and move into a new space.

Idea Generator

Do you have a perspective that all your ideas have to be good? Most of us have unrealistic expectations where we believe we should be good at something before we even start. What if it was ok if you had a bad idea? It takes the pressure off. The other thing we do with ideas is believing that if we don’t do it right now, it won’t happen. While there is a lot to be said for taking immediate action, overwhelm sets in when we think we need to do everything right now.

Get a notebook or a dedicated note software on your devices. Write down all your ideas and as you get new ones, ask yourself “Is now the time to implement it or should I get to it later?” It sounds weird but the idea itself will tell you the right answer. Have you ever truly run out of ideas? Most likely not. You will never really run out of ideas, you just might be in a bit of a creative lull at some point. It’s a natural part of the process, relax into it even though it’s uncomfortable. The more you relax about your ideas, the less time you spend in the blank page part of the creative process.

You don’t have to work hard to be mindful and focus to be an incredibly productive creator. Instead, by using your natural ability to jump from project to project and expand your capacity to adapt you can allow your projects to spill out of you naturally instead of using force as your main method of production. Relaxing into your natural way of thinking and using it to your advantage allows you to work with yourself instead of constantly fighting every step of the way. It’s brilliant to be different, not a weakness.


Written by our contributor Rebecca Hulse. Rebecca is a business & wealth coach on a mission to help creatives be successful at business. If you’re ready to break through your money ceiling, check out 11 Ways to Make Money at You can connect with Rebecca on Facebook and Instagram. Become our contributor too! Apply here.

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