Starting a new business on a shoestring budget is challenging. Not impossible, but it can be hard to get going with little to no financial backing to help you buy materials, core setting up costs, and that all-important marketing budget to help you spread the word about your new venture.

However, with some say tips and tricks – needed more so now during this global pandemic, you will find that actually, starting a new business on a shoestring budget isn’t as difficult as you initially thought it would be!

Get your finances in order

How is your credit score looking? With the average American household carrying around $137,000 of debt, it may seem like a huge hill to overcome. DTSS can help you regain control of your finances and find freedom without fraud or scams. Starting your new business, knowing you have full control of your life, will make the next step in your life a little bit easier and financially manageable.

Save for an emergency

Being realistic about how much money you can realistically make and what you need to live off and run the company will help you out when you start trading. Being able to build up some savings in case you don’t turn a profit immediately is a good idea. It may be worth your time honing our skills online or in the real world to help prepare for what your company will be doing and also earn a side income you can squirrel away for the future.

What can you do for free?

The best aspect to look at is what you can do for very little outlay or even for free. Do you need to buy physical products? If so, crowdsourcing can help you cover manufacturing costs safe in the knowledge that you have guaranteed sales. This will help you to produce a limited number of items and generate sales to help you set up for more significant production.

Use social media for marketing your company for free and getting the word about you and what you can do. Cultivate engaging content that piques the interest of those interested in what you are offering. Start small and make the most of the free resources available to small businesses online to help you get started.

Family and friends

Rope in those around to help you out and get started in the world of small businesses. With 50% of small businesses going bust within the first five years, the more help you can get the better. Ask for financial help if needed or input in other ways. Think to help with spreading the word, giving you impartial feedback to help you with any aspects of the business you may be struggling with. 

Any way they can help you will be a bonus and beneficial to get your new company up and running without having to pay for other services or even staff members from day one.


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