In a time where every single business decision you make could spell success or the start of a downfall, it can seem very difficult to make any forward progress in 2020. Not only have we had the world come to a standstill, but trying to restore trust and confidence after the fact could be seen as a herculean task. 

For this reason, it’s important for business leaders to get to grips with the challenges they face, and to make important, thorough, reviewed choices from here on out. In some cases, this can mean reviewing processes you once took for granted. Working with suppliers is often a valuable part of your operational procedure, and so this is a good a place to start as any.

But how should you review your connections with current or new suppliers, and by what metrics should you judge them? Well, luckily for you, perhaps now is one of the best times to make those decisions. With this in mind, let us jump into the following advice. We hope it holds value for you and your firm.

Their Covid-19 response

While not a measure you should make your final decision through, it can be instructive to see just how a company handled their Covid-19 response. If they managed to send out well wishes to their customers, perhaps offered re-commitment discounts, or were at least clear and consistent with their public messaging, this shows that they care for the integrity of their client relationships. If companies can act with class during unprecedented, challenging times, you can be almost certain that they’ll practice this as standard.

Services offered

The services they offer and the means by which they deliver them are worth close inspection, because they may offer value hard to find elsewhere. For instance, if a service offering the best red diesel drums also has a drum exchange program, they are likely to keep convenience, ethical processing, and customer-focused attention at all times. For this reason, such a vital service like this will be provided by a firm you can trust, enabling you to get the most from your processes. If businesses are built on trust, it’s important to use that as the mortar to lay the foundations of a stronger future relationship.

Client servicing 

Testing their client servicing can also be a worthwhile starting point. Speaking to their sales representatives, taking out a test or trial order, and speaking to them about what services they offer and how they can offer a potentially bespoke service for your firm (even in the tiniest manner) may help you move towards a collaborative result.

To boil all of the points in this post down to one simple principle – can you see yourself working with this supplier from now, into the future? If so, list the reasons why, and what elements of this are important to you. After all, not all businesses can gain the same results from working with this specific business, and so curating your intent for your own firm is an important requirement.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily understand which suppliers you can trust, from now into the future.


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