Employee wellbeing is beneficial to every business. If your staff are happy and well, then they will be more productive, making your business thrive. Making sure your employees stay productive can be more difficult, so you need to take care of your team. 

It is the duty of an employer to make sure their team is happy with their work environment. This keeps morale and productivity high and improves staff retention.

Take mental health seriously

Awareness of mental health issues is increasing, but work is still causing people’s mental health to suffer. A lack of support from managers is a big problem in many workplaces. 

It’s no surprise that work is a big source of stress for many employees, with many working over their contracted hours, feeling under a lot of pressure, and feeling overworked. Overwork causes mental health issues, but many managers do not have any training to help them communicate with and support their team with these issues. 

To improve employee wellbeing, reduce the mental strain that they are under, and try to reduce workloads. Allow people to leave on time and give managers the training that they need to support employees. Caring for mental health increases morale and shows your team that you care. 

Make sure you have adequate health insurance or MEWA in place to allow people to take time off when they need to. 

Offer flexible working hours

We all have different lives outside of the office, so it is important to offer your team some flexibility to let them balance their work and personal lives. Some people may prefer to start early to allow them to leave in time for the school run. Some might prefer longer hours, but a four day week. Some might work best from home. Offer some flexibility so your team can work at a time that both suits the business but also allows them to work when they are naturally at their most productive and manage other demands on their time. 

Lunch breaks are also important, so create an office culture where people feel comfortable taking a break and don’t force themselves to push through and keep working. At a minimum, you need to give people time to take a proper lunch break and get a fair system in place that allows people to shape their own workday. 

Look after physical health

Going to work often means being glued to a desk for a large portion of the day. Sitting for long periods has a damaging effect on health. 

Sitting at a desk for a long time is inevitable for offices, but you can support your employees in caring for their physical health. Encourage people to get up every half an hour to stretch their legs. Don’t monitor what people are doing, so they feel as though they can get up and take a walk to the kitchen. 

Buy ergonomic office furniture and teach people how to set it up properly so they can maintain their ideal posture. 


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