Typically, when a business takes a break, they have at least some say in how long they’ll be away, and why they are taking a step back. It might be to reassess or to make some significant changes. But, when there’s a global pandemic, and half of the world is living in lockdown, you don’t always have a choice. At some point during this year, many businesses have been forced to close their doors. For some, the break was short. They were able to operate online or find new ways to serve their customers. But, for others, it’s been a much more extended gap. 

However, most of us are starting to return to some kind of normal, even if it still doesn’t feel like it. You might be about to reopen your doors if you haven’t already, and this is the perfect time to think about making some improvements. Here’s a look at some of the ways to make the most out of your restart. 

Give it some TLC

Reopening after a break is the perfect excuse to take a good hard look at your business and to give it a little TLC where necessary. You might want to improve your data cable installation, buy new machinery, get equipment serviced and make some other upgrades. You could also spend some time on the décor, cleaning and brightening things up. Often, a break is the best time to tackle those jobs that you don’t usually have the time for, so don’t waste it. 

Focus on staff morale

Your team might have had a tough time too. They may have been worried about their future, struggling financially, and dealing with poor mental health. So, spend some time with them. Make sure they can work safely and comfortably; they have everything that they need, and that you offer flexibility where you can. 

Take risks with marketing

This isn’t the time to stick with tried and tested or old and tired. This is the time to try new things. It’s a new world, after all. Use your marketing campaigns to get in touch with customers, to update them on any changes that you have made, and to make them feel safe. 

Consider a pivot

Your business might need to change. It might no longer give its customers what they need. It might not fill a gap in the market. Don’t be scared to make changes, to offer new products and to give people what they need in the post lockdown world. 

Don’t expect to pick up where you left off

Your business might not pick up exactly how it left off. You may have to change how you operate, and you may not be able to offer precisely the same services or products. It might take a while to get back to where you were, and that’s ok. 

Spend time boosting customer relationships

Your customers have had a hard time too. They’re probably still reasonably uncertain about things, and they might be worried about leaving the house and nervous about doing normal things. Make it easy for them. Spend time working on your relationships, getting in touch, catching up, and finding ways to help them. Customer service is essential if you want to survive.


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