We all want a successful life. The majority of us define success as creating a happy, love-filled life for ourselves with a beautiful family. We also consider the idea of creating a wealthy and more than financially stable situation to be a success. Money is something that we’ll always need in this life, so the money side of things needs to be kept in great condition if we’re to be content. They say that money cannot buy happiness, but it most certainly makes a difference regarding the foundation of our inner happiness. We need that kind of monetary support to stand on.

Creating such an income is not exactly easy – it takes hard work. As you’ve clicked on this article, the chances are that creating a successful business is something that you’re looking to do. The fantasy of it all and the end product are often what people think of when pondering a business venture, but they don’t really consider the boring, tedious, ugly stuff that goes on between the start and finish. There are lots of different trials and tribulations – especially as a woman – that you’ll go through in order to get to the other side, unfortunately. It’s not as plain sailing as perhaps TV and movies make it out to be. 

Keeping motivation high during the lulls and the tedious parts can be difficult. It’s so easy for the human brain to just quit and want something more exhilarating. Fortunately, there are things we can do to keep ourselves stimulated and interested in the battle. Here are some for you right now.

Remember that all success comes from nothing

Every time you see somebody with lots of success, just remember that they literally started with an idea. They started with an idea that was probably laughed out of the laugh or doubted massively. People around them tell them not to bother because it’ll just fail as they take something pretty shoddy and look to build it. Everyone starts off terribly with whatever they do – they begin with little knowledge or experience and are winging it a lot of the time! They also have terrible parts throughout their journey – even when they’re flying high! Perhaps their overall plan is a little shoddy or their marketing ploy with coroplast signs isn’t exactly up to the required standard – even the greats have amateurish and awkward moments. So, whenever you feel stupid or inadequate, just remember that it’s completely normal to be in an awkward position. 

Don’t listen to criticism that isn’t constructive 

This is a pretty hard thing to do for most of us. Some people are able to just ignore stupid comments because they know just how good they are at their venture. The majority tend to take things to heart, though. As a tribal, social species, we tend to want to impress the people around us, so we are hurt when they make stupid, ill comments about us or our work. The truth is, however, that these kinds of comments come from insecurity. They want others to stay where they are so that they can feel better about themselves – these kinds of stupid words are especially used against women looking to make a name for themselves, as you have probably experienced in the past! Ignore them and continue on your journey. 

Practice positivity

If you have a positive way of thinking, then you’re going to win regardless of the result. As simple as it might sound, your mind dictates how things go in life. If you don’t get the required result, you can feel terrible about it, or you can see it as a learning experience. Somebody who sees small failures as huge problems will often quit out and never return to the challenge. Keep practicing positivity, and you’ll eventually get what you want. You’ll approach things with optimism, and you’ll reach the goal you’re striving for. The law of attraction is a real thing and happens for so many people. 

Actively enjoy failure  

You will mess up when it comes to a lot of things in life – that’s just a fact. Failure is something that is inevitable, and those at the top know this better than anyone else. You need to take these failures and see them as progress. When you get something wrong, it stays with you in your mind. You then are reminded when the time comes so that you’re able to avoid it in the future. People like to laugh at failures, but they then respect those who battle through it all and make a success of it. They laud those who fail so much that they succeed. It’s a strange contradiction, but make sure you’re the kind of person to take failures and errors in your stride. If you do this, then you’re going to have all the motivation in the world at any given instance


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