Getting fired from a company isn’t fun. You may have been let go because your work simply wasn’t up to scratch, or may have made a massive mistake. Either way, there’s no going back.

It’s important that you know how to proceed after getting fired. You can let it harm your self-esteem and the rest of your career, or you can use it as a catalyst to better yourself. Many people who are fired go on to have successful careers elsewhere. Below are just some tips on moving on after being fired.

Ask yourself why you were fired

It’s important to understand why you were fired so that you can use it as a positive learning opportunity. For instance, if you kept turning up late or taking absence, it could be a wake-up call to start being more punctual and committed to work. Understand the changes that are needed to improve so that you won’t be fired in the future and start making those changes now. 

If you didn’t like your job or weren’t very good at it, getting fired could be a sign that it wasn’t the right line of work for you – or at very least not the right company. It could help you in your search to find a more meaningful and rewarding job. This is something to also consider before potentially throwing yourself into the exact same role.

Know your rights

When considering the terms of your departure, consider whether you are legally owed redundancy pay. In cases of gross misconduct, you may not be owed anything, but in most cases, you will still be owed something. 

If you think you were unfairly dismissed you could hire a wrongful termination lawyer. They will be able to look into the case and win you any compensation that you deserve. Hiring legal help could also be useful if a previous employer is trying to get you to pay for mistakes or claiming ownership of work or property that is rightfully yours. 

Start looking for new jobs

It’s important to get back into the working world and not carry resentment or see yourself as useless. Now is a chance to find a better job that you can thrive in. 

You may want to sign yourself up to unemployment benefits as soon as you are fired so that you’re still getting an income. If you need help finding the right career, you could consider hiring a career coach.

Know what to put on your CV/say in an interview

You probably don’t want to tell an employer that you were fired from your last job. If you feel you need to provide a reason for your last job ending, you could simply write that you were ‘laid off’ or that your ‘job was terminated’. Some employers may not enquire any further, however, if the question does come up in an interview ‘why did your previous job end?’, be honest and succinct. Never badmouth a previous employer and let the employer know that you’ve learnt from the situation.


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