Over the past months, it has become evident how much we all rely on technology. It has revolutionized the way we interact with others, build professional and personal relationships, and conduct our businesses. Innovative systems have also helped businesses stay afloat during the harshest months of the pandemic. 

However, not all businesses can rely on these systems in the same way. Small and local entrepreneurs, for example, have been hit the hardest hit by the pandemic, and they are also the ones to have a limited budget to count on. And, of course, technology is expensive. Nonetheless, launching a digital transformation within your company might be crucial to thriving in future years. 

Start by investing in a website

Starting a small business website is the first step to launch a digital transformation within your business. An outstanding number of small businesses are still not online, while a staggering 81% of buyers head to a website before committing to a purchase. That’s what makes having a website so important! 

Luckily, starting a website is extremely affordable and can fit the budget and time requirements of all small businesses, independently of the industry they operate in. Once your new business site is up and running, connect to your audience online through social media platforms – another excellent (and free) way to create engagement, and increase the visibility of your business.

Be curious about new innovations

It is undeniable that new technology and innovations are expensive. However, there are ways that allow you to keep up with all the crucial development without affecting your budget as much. Some might be specific to your business, while you might be able to receive financial support for others. Keeping yourself updated on all the latest developments is crucial. You can do so by networking with other businesses in the industry or even follow your competitors. 

Outsource professional services

If you are just launching a digital transformation within your business, the chances are that you need help to move your enterprise online. Don’t shy away from the help that a professional can offer you! While investing in these services might represent an investment at first, this is a clever way to see the fastest results. 

You might decide to invest in the services of a digital marketer, website creator, or SEO expert. To decide where you should place your funds, start by understanding the strengths and areas of improvement of your businesses and identify the help it needs to run like clockwork digitally. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of an IT partner

IT is much more than checking that your computers and card machines are working fine. And, even if you have a small in-house IT department, you will need to evaluate if these professionals can keep up with the changing needs of the industry. Of course, uptime is just as important as ever. However, cybersecurity and a long term IT strategy are becoming increasingly important aspects to consider. While employing a whole team of IT experts might not fit your budget requirements, engaging with Managed IT Services offer you the long-term coverage you need at a limited cost.


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