This year has been extremely tough on entrepreneurs, small business owners, and larger companies alike. However, if you have a project that you wish to turn into reality, it is impossible to wait for the pandemic to be over – especially as this might not happen for months! 

Undeniably, launching a hospitality business at this time can be extremely challenging. However, there are several programs, helps, and strategies you can use to ensure that you receive all the support and guidance needed to see your project succeed. Check some of them out below. 

Check for government programs

Upon registering your business, it is recommendable to check what your government and local authorities offer you. Often, you will be able to obtain loans at reduced rates or even grants – if your business fits certain parameters. 

However, given the uncertain economic environment entrepreneurs have to deal with today, it is also worth checking what Coronavirus Relief Options are available to you. While starting a business is undeniably a major investment, the whole process can be much more accessible once you find out about the resources that are available.

Find a mentor

Of course, you can do anything you dream of – but maybe not without help! So don’t underestimate the importance of finding guidance in a moment of need. In this case, picking a mentor who can help you navigate through the several obstacles ahead is an excellent way to get started. 

Naturally, identifying a mentor who you can trust and look up to is crucial. And, while such a choice can feel overwhelming at first, you are likely to see results much faster! A mentor can also help you identify potential obstacles before they become problems. 

Brand your company professionally

We all know how important aspects, such as branding and marketing, are. However, when it comes down to allocating a portion of our budget to these expenditures, we are always a bit hesitant. 

However, creating a brand is much more than designing a logo, and planning a marketing campaign is different from posting a couple of ads on your Instagram page. Through effective marketing, you can connect with your audience, communicate your brand’s values, and even understand your customers better. So, you should not hold back on this important aspect and invest in professional branding and marketing services. 

Connect with the community

If you are looking for help to get your small local business off the ground, look no further than your local community. Neighbors, townspeople, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances are those who will support your business day after day for the next few years. Whether you are planning to run a seasonal business or operate throughout the year, make sure you are there for them too! You can drive engagement by hosting and participating in events, fairs, charities, and initiatives. If you have a cause that is particularly close to your heart and you want to bring it forwards, that’s even better. Start working for your community, and your community will work even harder to support your business!

Consider crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is excellent for small businesses to raise the funds necessary to get started. If you are launching a restaurant with a specific type of branding, offer, or values, make sure you communicate why the town or area will be enriched by it. This is the key to make people fall in love with your business’ idea before you are even open for business! Crowdfunding can be done online before you launch your business. However, it is recommendable that you have a business plan ready to go before getting started!


Outsourcing is the key to prevent burnout and increase your business’ efficiency. Undoubtedly, you will be an excellent manager and owner. However, you can’t do it all by yourself. For example, restaurants and hospitality venues rely every day more on their IT system. 

Such systems can help you keep up with compliance, keep all of your documentation under control, and keep a record of important customer data. IT and cloud systems can help you with this and more – but you will need to outsource them to ensure that it is all working smoothly. Don’t shy away from this kind of investment, and you will see a greater return in no time!

Find professional help

When opening a restaurant or other hospitality venue, there will be something that does not go to plan. This is true even if you have practiced many dry runs and soft openings. The moment the first customer walks through the door, something will break or stop working. No matter how much you have been planning for it, this is likely to be out of your control. However, you can be in control of finding a quick solution. Researching in advance the best technician or professional in town, such as HOODZ, can help you launch your restaurant with unparalleled peace of mind.


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