Positive reviews can drive sales for your business. While some reviews might be by word of mouth, the majority of them these days can be found online. They can be excellent for displaying on your website, whether you put them on your front page or have product reviews on individual product pages. Of course, reviews only help to promote your business if they are positive. Negative reviews give you insight into how you can improve, but it’s positive reviews that can help you to increase your sales. But how can you increase the number of positive reviews that you receive?

Work on CX

To start with, there is no doubt that providing a positive experience will get you positive reviews. You need to give your customers an experience that’s memorable for all of the right reasons if you want them to be willing to offer their approval on a public forum. Working on customer experience optimization can help you to improve the reviews that you receive. You can work on your customer experience both online and offline, ensuring your customers walk away feeling satisfied. Research-based decisions will help you to make improvements to your customer experience that have a positive effect.

Encourage people to leave reviews

If you find that you don’t receive many reviews at all, whether they’re positive, negative or neutral, you may need to provide more encouragement for your customers to leave reviews. This can range from simply requesting or reminding them to leave a review to offering some kind of incentive for leaving a review, such as a discount or entry into a giveaway. You can automate emails to send after a purchase if you want to ask customers to leave a review. Or if you’re working more closely with a client, you might take a more personal approach.

Deal with problems quickly

Even the best businesses can’t make everything go smoothly all the time. When a customer has a problem, it could result in a bad review, but you also have the chance to turn things around. Dealing with any issues quickly and efficiently will help to increase your likelihood of receiving a positive review. Most people understand that problems can occur and will give you a chance to fix them before complaining. Even if a negative review has been left, there’s a chance the customer might change it if you’re able to remedy their problem for them.

Use the same sites as your customers

While many customers are happy to leave a review, they don’t want to have to go to too much effort to do so. This is why it can be helpful to ensure you’re using the same platforms as them if you want them to leave positive reviews. If your customers are more likely to leave a review on Facebook than on Trustpilot, make sure you have a good Facebook presence set up.

Positive reviews can make all the difference to customer acquisition, so make sure you’re taking the right steps to collect more reviews.


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