You’ve undoubtedly created some excellent products that your customers love. Of course, you want to increase your reach to gain more customers, especially in niche markets you don’t currently target.

The thing is, your product packaging is letting the side down somewhat. Your current packaging protects your products when they’re in transit, but they aren’t particularly memorable. Is there anything you can do to change that fact?

As it turns out, there’s plenty you can do to make your product packaging stand out. Here are a few innovative and inspirational ideas for you to consider:

1. Use sustainable packaging

It’s no secret that product packaging often comes from unsustainable sources. One way to make your product packaging stand out from the crowd is by using materials from sustainable sources.

For example, you could use recycled paper and card. Plus, you can take it a step further by not incorporating plastic in your packaging. Doing so means your customers can easily recycle your product packaging instead of sending it to a landfill site.

Another advantage of using sustainable packaging is you can use that fact to boast about your company’s green credentials. It’s a win-win situation and one that will certainly make your brand more appealing to eco-conscious customers.

2. Apply decorative foil stickers

If you think that ribbons and decorative tape will add the finishing touches to your product packaging, think again. You can add a touch of class and a premium feel to your product line by using gold foil stickers on your product packaging.

Such stickers look and feel luxurious, and you can have anything you want printed on them, such as your brand’s logo. What’s more, you can apply them to both flat surfaces and corners.

You might wish to use decorative foil stickers to enhance the look of special editions or premium versions of your products.

3. Make your product packaging easy to repurpose

Most brands don’t give a second thought to their product packaging. You could stand out from the crowd by doing something quirky, such as making it easy to repurpose. For example, you could give instructions to turn yours into a VR smartphone headset.

If your packaging is thin, you could even provide instructions to convert your product packaging into origami objects. And if your product packaging has bright, vibrant colors, it will enhance your origami items.

Don’t despair if you only use standard brown cardboard packaging for your products. You could still give customers ideas on what they could create with it. There’s so much creative potential for repurposing old product packaging!

4. Add a personalized note

Imagine how thrilled a customer would feel if they received the product they ordered from you and discovered a personalized note thanking them for their order! It’s not as hard or expensive as you might think to incorporate personalized notes with your product packaging.

It’s small gestures like that which make customers feel appreciated and boosts the chances of them buying from you again. Your personalized message in their product could even include a discount coupon for their next order.

5. Go with minimal aesthetics

If you’re aiming for a particular audience, such as busy professionals, opting for the minimalistic look can do wonders for your product packaging. It’s something that Apple does with its products and works exceptionally well.

Another advantage of minimalistic product packaging is how it saves your company money. Plain black and white packaging costs less to produce than alternatives with a full-color print on them.

And don’t forget that product packaging with minimal aesthetics lets everyone instantly know what’s inside.

6. Go for the vintage look

If you don’t think the minimalist look would work for your product packaging, how about the vintage look? Retro packaging designs are timeless, classy, and are a nod to much simpler times.

Vintage look product packaging can give your products a more authentic and artisanal feel, and crucially can help your brand attract a broader target audience. More companies are choosing retro packaging designs to give their products a more premium feel.

7. Use textured labeling

Does your brand offer mid-range to high-end products? If so, it’s worth considering textured labeling as part of your product packaging. The thing about textured labeling is that it brings depth and personality to your packaging and feels fantastic to touch!

You can experiment with different color combinations and even used textured labeling with retro designs, as mentioned in point six a moment ago.


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