These days, keeping your company afloat is a constant uphill struggle. For many of us, the idea of reopening our business isn’t even on our minds yet due to the pandemic. For those of us that have no choice, opening up our business again is the only thing we can do to stabilize our financial situation.

So to help you keep your business running after a long hiatus, we’ve prepared a couple of tips that will make things a little easier.

Listen to your audience on social media and other channels

First, keep in mind that marketing a reopening is completely different from how you normally market your business, especially during this pandemic that we’re going through. Reopening your business is difficult since you need to try and draw people away from the alternatives they’ve found, and also to remind them that you still exist. It’s also a good idea to focus on pandemic-specific concerns, such as telling your audience that you’ve prepared defences against the virus.

To start, make sure you listen to your audience on social media. You need to ensure that your audience knows that you plan to come back and that you understand their concerns with you reopening. For example, they might be worried about social distancing measures or if they can purchase the same products that they usually would.

Plan ahead for safety changes that you need to implement

In addition to just talking about how you plan to make the shopping experience safer, you also need to carry out those promises. Make sure you have a practical plan to do this because you don’t want to say you’ll do something then fail to actually live up to it.

As long as you plan ahead for the changes you plan to make, you can create a safe store environment for both customers and your staff. If your staff are concerned about something, make sure you listen to them as well and try your best to address their worries about reopening.

Ensure you have systems in place for staffing

It’s also a good idea to invest in labor scheduling software to help you get your store back on track. Because of the pandemic, you may have lost some staff members because you couldn’t offer them work, or perhaps you need to hire some additional helpers to get your store off the ground while you prepare everything.

In situations like this, you’ll likely have to hire a lot of extra part-time workers. To ensure that they’re all being put to use and that their time isn’t being wasted, labor scheduling software can help ensure that everyone is given a meaningful role.

Assess what your business needs and focus on priorities

Lastly, make sure you focus on your priorities. Do you need to stabilize your sales first, or have you yet to set rules in place for social distancing? Should you focus on marketing first, or is it more important to get your doors open first? These are difficult questions to answer, but they have to be considered if you want to successfully reopen.


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