When you take a closer look at the analytics of your website, especially the online shop, you can start to see not only how well your business is doing, but also the specific ways in which your customers (and potential customers) interact with it. If you’ve been noticing that your traffic is great, and you manage to bring people to the point browsing items and even filling their shopping cart, but not completing that order, you have to wonder why they’re stopping short. Here, we’re going to look at some of the ways you can give them just the convincing nudge that they need.

Sometimes, all it takes is a reminder

One of the best ways to grow your business is to reach out to customers and make sure that they’re “plugged in” to a steadily delivering stream of information and offers relevant to them. However, there are more benefits than just that to encouraging them to sign up with their email. Shopping cart abandonment emails have proven to be highly effective at giving those people who were right on the precipice of converting that little extra push that is sometimes needed. Sometimes, customers will just legit forget they wanted to buy something, and need the reminder. Other times, it can be just the convincing line they need.

Be there to help

You don’t have to make it a guessing game, either. Your customers might be willing to tell you exactly what their issue is if you make it easy for them to reach out. So long as you have the team and the time to handle your traffic, you should make use of live chat software, as you can find if you click here, that allows you to reach out. You can set this kind of software to activate a chat window as soon as they land on the page, or if a page has been inactive for a certain amount of time. You can even make it pop up as they about to exit the page.

Make sure you’re making it easy

If someone is filling up their shopping cart but don’t make it to the end and this is happening on a regular basis, then the fault can often lie in the check-out process. For instance, you might not accept the type of payment they want to use, so you may want to look more closely and what portals or merchant services you use. Otherwise, look here for ideas on how you might make the process smoother, such as by incorporating breadcrumb navigation that can allow people to see exactly how many steps they have to complete before they have the products they want.

To find out the exact reasons that customers aren’t completing their purchases, then it’s a good idea to make sure you have a feedback system. There could be something wrong with the website, price points, or how purchases are completed holding them back. However, if the stats begin to change after implementing the steps above, then you’ve found your answer.


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