You had a great idea for a business. You got the startup capital, denied yourself a salary for an entire year, and, thanks to copious amounts of latte, burned the candle at every conceivable end to get your business up and running. And it worked! You officially own a business that generates consistent revenue each and every month.

But now it’s time to really grow your businesses and you have some choices as to how to do that. There are of course traditional marketing channels like newspaper and radio ads and also digital channels like email and social media marketing. All of these channels are viable and should be a part of your overall growth strategy. But they don’t even come CLOSE to giving you the benefits that public speaking offers!

3 Ways Public Speaking Sets Your Business Up for Success

1. Speaking establishes you as an authority in your field

When you stand on a stage sharing valuable insights with others, It’s natural for people to view you as an authority figure. And most audiences also recognize that you are being paid to speak at that particular event, which is PROOF you know what you’re talking about.

The bottom line is, you can write 100 blog posts and take out huge billboard ads, and none of that will necessarily do anything to help you be seen as an authority or expert in your field. But speak for 30 minutes in front of an audience and you’ll make an amazing first impression with hundreds, if not thousands of people… all of whom may turn into enthusiastic customers.

2. Speaking boosts your visibility 

While the audience may only consist of a few hundred (or thousand) people, your reach is actually far wider than the people in those seats. Consider that the event organizer will be handing out flyers and other promotional materials to the attendees, who will then take them home with them and possibly share them with their personal network. 

In addition, photos and videos of the event will most likely be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, giving you even more exposure to potential new customers. 

And let’s not forget, when you are on that stage speaking, you have everyone’s complete attention. How rare is that?! Try and get people’s attention online and you’re constantly competing with websites, banner ads, ringing phones, and funny cat videos.

In a busy world with declining attention spans, undivided attention is something we all fight hard for – and the stage can give it to you.

3. Make meaningful connections

The way we conduct business has drastically changed over the last 10 years. Consumers hold more power than ever before and their buying decisions are usually based and how a brand makes them feel. While you can certainly engage prospects online through social media marketing, it just can’t compare with the level of engagement that happens at a speaking event. Here you have the opportunity to truly connect with your audience members. And that right there gives you an instant edge over your competitors.

And when you step off that stage and get the opportunity to shake hands and meet face-to-face, you’ve now turned audience members into potential customers, and maybe customers for life!

How to get started

Now that you know just how powerful speaking can be and how it can help you skyrocket your business, here are a few ideas for how you can get started…

Webinars and teleseminars

One way to develop your talk, get some practice in and work on your nerves is to offer to give free or low-cost webinars or teleseminars. And even better, if you make these online events interactive, your audience will ask questions, giving you invaluable insights into what your market really wants and needs to hear.

Host a free talk locally

You’ll find there are many opportunities locally to speak for free. This not only gets you even more experience but if you record your speech, which you absolutely should, you can use it as a speaking reel and put the video up on your website. 

Get in touch with your local Chamber of Commerce, local service groups such as Kiwanis or Rotary Club, or maybe even the local high school or college. Many schools have career day events and often find it challenging to convince busy professionals to come and speak. The idea is to find your audience locally and get in front of them.


Youtube is one of the best platforms for aspiring speakers. You can easily break your talk up into shorter chunks and create quick videos that offer people valuable insights and inspiration. Be sure to include a link to your speaking website in your description so prospective event organizers can reach out to you.

Final thoughts

If you really want to grow your business, speaking is the number one way you can do it. Speaking allows you to be seen as an authority, boost your visibility and make genuine connections with prospective customers. So make 2021 the year you take your business to the next level and get out there and share your passion, insights and inspiration with others! If you want to learn more, let’s connect on LinkedIn and I will send you an extra PDF full of value to help you on your journey, message me saying ‘The Hustle Is Female’! You can also catch me sharing tips and tricks on Instagram, here


Written by our contributor LaQuita Cleare, CEO Clear Communication Academy. You can follow LaQuita Cleare on Linkedin and Instagram.
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