Every business requires a consistent and quality supplier who will meet your business standards. It is disappointing to have an inconsistent or a no-show supplier as it will cost you or the business significant losses. You can and may recover from the losses, but you will lose valuable time that would have built your empire. 

Choosing the right supplier for your business is an art every entrepreneur should master. It is not a matter of using the same suppliers as your competitor or mentor company: it is about who best will mesh into your company policies and quality demands. You must, therefore, consider different factors that you consider vital in your company’s growth:


Time is a precious commodity that is a crucial factor in business. You cannot afford to have delayed orders or no orders at all. It would be best if you had timely and accurate deliveries to meet your expectations. If the supplier can achieve timely deliveries with minimal follow-ups, you will set yourself for an excellent entrepreneurship relation

Type of goods supplied

You need to specify the type of goods you expect to receive from the supplier. Be detailed and accurate when stipulating the measurements and specific items. You will find that most suppliers will have different designs, specifications, and packaging of an object. 

For example, if you need cables, specify and identify the exact type of line you need. If need be, visit the company to counter check the kind of cable that will best fit your needs, whether it will be the industrial, electrical, surgical cable, or specially fabricated cables that will fit your needs. 

Terms of service

Honoring contractual obligations plays a significant role in ensuring a good business relationship/you need to investigate the supplier’s track record to dig out any ‘dirty secrets’ that may cast doubts into your new partnership. 

Apart from the legal requirements, you need to ensure that you will rhyme with your suppliers. You need to check on the courtesy and understanding of your supplier. You may have decent suppliers whose work is impeccable. Still, due to your differences in personality and character, you will end up with many conflicts and disagreements, which are not suitable for business. 


You cannot decide on your supplier without touching the prices. Your pricing will primarily depend on your budget, type, and quality of goods that you need. Check on the difference in pricing and the services that each supplier offers to know which deal to choose. 

Ensure you also consider the transportation and miscellaneous costs that will arise with different suppliers. Please do not view the prices at face value: evaluate every available angle and be sure that you choose the right choice. 


You cannot compromise on quality if you purpose to be the best. You have to test and ensure that the quality of goods matches your expectations. You should investigate to know if the goods will require additional machining and processing to achieve your desired standards. Weigh your options and choose the supplier whose quality of goods matches your ambition. 

Finally, you need to ensure you are confident of your choice and understand what you are going in for. These factors will lead you in the right direction, but the final decision rests on your shoulders. Be wise and consult when in doubt.


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