Spring has sprung! And so has your longing for changes. Maybe you’re looking for a new hairstyle or want to change your wardrobe completely. But have you considered changing up your eating habits and trying new snacks too?

We all know how a delicious little snack can boost your mood up and get you ready to get to work again, so we have found these 10 delicious gluten-free Biscotelli spring snacks for you to try! Doesn’t matter if you’re working from home or in the office, drop these in your purse or put them on a work desk, and you’ll find yourself enjoying your workday so much more thanks to their yumminess!

Biscottelli Macaron Cookies (Coconut)

A fan of cookie macarons? You will be after you try these. Macarons are good even if you’re dieting, they’re made of almond flour and egg whites. Originally made in Venetian monasteries, macarons have become popular and brought to fame in France. Back then, macarons were served without any filling or flavor. Thank God Biscottelli Macaron Cookies do have a wide array of flavors and we think coconut will be a pure delight for any coconut lover. These are Gluten Free, 5 Individually Wrapped, Shelf Stable Baked Gourmet Cookies made with a French Recipe

Biscottelli Wafer Cookies, Vanilla Cream Filled

If you’re are not a fan of wafers because they’re usually dry and tasteless, you will be amazed by Biscottelli Wafer Cookies. All Biscottelli wafers contain 75% cream! And not just any cream, we recommend starting with vanilla filling. They will be perfect for snacking, school lunches, on-the-go treat, and light evening dessert. Each cookie is All Natural, Non-GMO, Fresh Baked, Bite Sized, just 5 grams each in an 8.8 oz bag. So don’t worry that you’ll increase your daily calorie intake with these. They’re light and delicious. Seriously, you have to try them.

Biscottelli Wafer Cookies, Dulce De Leche (Caramel) Cream Filled

If you ever wanted to go to Europe, especially Italy, but the pandemic canceled all your plans, you get to taste Italy without even leaving your work desk because these Biscottelli Wafer Cookies are proudly sourced and imported directly from Italy by 360worldsnacks, a leading provider of Italian and European pastries and cookies. Also, the snacks are always fresh and crisp. 75% of Italian caramel cream filling will make you swoon and want to go to Italy even more once the air travel is limitless again. Until then, you can enjoy Italian delicacies from the comfort of your home if you get a bag of Biscottelli Wafer Cookies, Dulce De Leche (Caramel) Cream Filled, Imported from Italy, All Natural, Non-GMO, Fresh Baked, Bite Sized Snacks.

Biscottelli Macaron Cookies (Lemon)

Citrusy taste is not everyone’s favorite but if that’s something you like – you can definitely call yourself a gourmet snacker. Luckily, Biscottelli has just the right snack for citrus taste lovers – Biscottelli Macaron Cookies (Lemon) – Gluten Free, 5 Individually Wrapped, Shelf Stable Baked Gourmet Cookies made with a French Recipe. It’s a light citrus gourmet cookie that is crispy and coated with unique flavors and natural ingredients.

Biscottelli Hazelnut Wafers Filled With Hazelnut Cream 5-pack Holder

If you love a chocolate taste but would like to find an alternative, you will love hazelnut flavor wafers! Also, you will need to get a 5-pack box because they taste so good you might eat them all in one sitting! Made by a leading provider of Italian pastries and cookies, these Biscottelli wafers are made of high-quality natural ingredients like butter and milk for a light treat.

Biscottelli Macaron Cookies (Vanilla)

One more flavor of Biscottelli macarons that we do recommend trying is Vanilla. Also, you don’t need to refrigerate these! Put them on a work desk and reach out for a treat without interrupting your inspiration flow. Biscottelli Vanilla Macaron Cookies are shelf-stable and have a crisp exterior filled with smooth cream filling. One macaron box will last you the whole day as it has five individually wrapped Vanilla Macaron Cookies (2.1 oz box).

Biscottelli Macaron Cookies (Strawberry)

A perfect berry taste, not too sweet, and perfectly crisp – Biscottelli Macaron Cookies with strawberry will make the best treat while you’re having your morning coffee or a midday work break. One bag will last you the whole day as it contains 5 cookies. Imported by 360WorldSnacks, these macarons are a light and crisp dessert with a unique strawberry taste in the weightless interior.

Biscottelli Macaron Cookies (Pistachio)

Probably the most luxurious and hard-to-get macaron flavor is pistachio. Did you know that it takes about 5 years for a pistachio tree to start producing fruits? Pistachio nuts themselves make a perfect snack but have you ever tried pistachio flavored macarons? It’s a must! A slightly nutty and delightfully sweet flavor with a chewy texture, Biscottelli pistachio macarons are great for an after-lunch snack or any snack time as a light dessert.

Biscottelli Wafer Cookies, Lemon Cream Filled

We have already talked about lemon cream-filled macarons but if you’re not into macarons, you can try these Italian wafers instead. They’re crispy and fresh-baked, layered with delicious Lemon Cream. Fresh lemon juice is used as the base of the filling. And all the other ingredients are all-natural and do not contain GMO. These lemon snacks are light, crisp, and a great lemon flavor.

 Biscottelli Wafer Cookies, Cocoa Cream Filled

The majority of the snacks you will find in your local grocery store are rich in sugar, GMO, gluten, and all other things you definitely don’t want to put in your body. This is why snacks with real cocoa are what you should be looking for if you want an all-natural healthy chocolaty taste. With Biscottelli Wafer Cookies, Cocoa Cream Filled, Imported from Italy, All Natural, Non-GMO, Fresh Baked, Bite Sized Snacks not only do you get a delicious snack, but also minimum calories and all the healthy chemicals like phytonutrients that cocoa is rich in.

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