What you eat throughout the day defines how productive you are, especially if you’re working from home. If you feel a bit low on energy and need a quick boost, get ready to eat some glucose-rich products. They will cause your blood sugar level to rise and quickly convert into much-needed energy. 

We prepared a list of foods highest in glucose that will increase your productivity in no time. 

Dolcibono Wafers

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, working at home has already become a habit. But it doesn’t mean every day should look and feel the same now. Eating Gourmet Dolcibono Wafers during work breaks can change up your routine and inspire you to do more. This European dessert is lightweight yet contains 80% of cream (and 100% of pleasure). As you open a bag, you will instantly feel an aromatic, slightly musky, and sugary fragrance. Yes, work breaks will stop being dull with these. And if you order different flavors, every day will be full of delight. Vanilla, coconut, and cappuccino cream filling are just a few flavors to start with. Make sure you taste all of them! Order several bags to last you at least a week!

Order Dolcibono Wafers With Vanilla Cream Filling – 8.8oz (250g) for $9.49

Order Dolcibono Wafers With Coconut Cream Filling – 8.8oz (250g) for $9.49.

Order Dolcibono Wafers With Cappuccino Cream Filling – 8.8oz (250g) for $9.49.

GERBS Dried Tropical Fruit Snack 

Dried fruits are also high in glucose. This mix contains mango, papaya, and pineapple. No matter how tempting it might be, don’t eat it all in one sitting.

Order GERBS mix Tropical Forest Trail Mix Bundle just for $65.04

Planters Deluxe Lightly Salted Whole Cashews

Cashews are natural energy boosters. So if you’re looking for salty options, go for Planters cashews. They are lightly salted, low in sodium, and rich in vitamins. 

Order Planters Deluxe Lightly Salted Whole Cashews for $16.92

Blue Diamond Almonds Oven Roasted Dark Chocolate Flavored Snack Nuts

Are you a fan of almonds? Then you will love these dark chocolate-covered Blue Diamond Almonds high in protein and fiber. Get ready for your work-related stress level to decrease. 

Get the roasted almonds in dark chocolate for $18.78

Quaker Rice Crisps Pack

Rice crisps make the best healthier alternative to potato or any other kind of chips. Besides, this Quaker Rice Crisps Pack contains six flavors – caramel, chili, sour cream and onion, buttermilk ranch, apple cinnamon, and cheddar. It’s a perfect mix of sweet and salty snacks to boost your energy during the workday at home. 

Get Quaker Rice Crisps Pack for $24.69

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